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10 Tips to Get Organized & Energized

Have you ever sat in your house and looked around and thought to yourself where do I begin? How do get this house, my world organized. To begin you have to be ready to take action.

Next you need to follow these 10 tips and they will help get you organized and energized.

1. Put your list on paper – You can only keep track of so many things in your head. If you are constantly trying to remember everything you need to do, you will drive yourself nuts and give up before you begin. So, as you think of things you need to do, jot it down.

2. Decide what is most important – Put an order to the list, so you have some where to begin. Does something need to get done first? Then start with that one and get it out of the way and then so one and so forth.

3. Too much is too over-whelming – If you look at the whole house and everything that needs to be done, you will never begin. Start small, like the table or a counter and once you get that done you will see how nice it looks and feel energized to do more.

4. Find it a home – Give every item a home. And find a spot that makes sense. You don’t need a bunch of tools on your kitchen table, but you could use the salt and pepper shakers.

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5. It isn’t as bad as it looks – Instead of being a couch potato, utilize that time and go through a junk drawer or a pile of papers from your nightstand. You will get a pile done and it will go faster watching a show, so it won’t seem as bad as it did when you looked at it the first time.

6. Imagine the end result – Think about how amazing your house will look when you are done. That will give you the energy to get organized.

7. Be prepared – Have boxes and bags for your things, ready and available for donating, recycling, trash, things to sell. And think about what is in your hand, have you used it lately? If not get rid of it!!!

8. Give yourself a break – We all like instant gratification, so reward yourself. Take breaks or after you get 3 things done on your list, take a break and have a snack. You don’t need to get done in one day, so pace yourself and enjoy your accomplishments along the way.

9. Maintain using a system – Once you decide where something belongs, let everyone in the house know, so they can help. And when something new gets added, something old should go.

10. Take the first step – Start right now!!!!

Getting organized is a process and requires you to take it one step at a time. Once you start getting organized and you see the results you will be more energized to get more done. By following these 10 self help tips you will get yourself, and anything else you want to, more organized, making your life easier.

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