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4 Great Self-Help Books

One of the most important dimensions of good personal growth is feeding your mind with positive education materials. So in this email, I'm going to give you four of the most power packed self help books.

I recommend that you get a hold of all of them and make a lifetime commitment to reading and studying them.

I say this because every time that you read each of these books, you'll discover a new piece of wisdom and you'll notice a change in your character, your actions and your results.

1. "Success Principles" by: Jack Canfield

"Success Principles" is like the encyclopedia Britannica of personal development. Every dynamic of personal growth is covered in great detail within this book.

So this is a perfect reference when you're looking for a detailed and in depth explanation of the success principles, from those spiritual in nature to those which are more down to earth and practical.

Reading this book directly through might not be as beneficial as using it as a reference tool.

But if you're looking for something which covers it all in as much detail as possible, or if you're looking for fresh ideas to accelerate your personal growth, "Success Principles" is the perfect resource.

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2.  "Think and Grow Rich" by: Napoleon Hill

"Think and Grow Rich" is the result of the most detailed and diverse study of successful people. The author, Napoleon Hill, spent over a half a century studying people like Thomas Edison, Dale Carnegie, Henry Ford, JD Rockefeller and dozens of others.

"Think and Grow Rich" is also believed to be responsible for the making of more millionaires than any other book in history.

It covers 13 progressive principles which, if applied and practiced consistently can do more than help you to get what you really want. They can empower you to make lasting changes in your own character which will empower you to naturally attract success and to keep it.

"Think and Grow Rich" (which was written in the 20s and sold over one million copies BEFORE the end of the Great Depression) is also available in the 20th century version, which includes updated language and dozens of examples from entrepreneurs who have used the 13 principles successfully.

3. "The 8th Habit" by: Dr. Steven Covey

"The 8th Habit" by the master leadership expert Dr. Steven Covey is like the "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" on steroids.

Covey provides the most clear cut and compelling reasons why leadership in the information age will require a completely different approach than that of the industrial age.

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If you're in search of the most complete solution for affecting personal change, making a positive influence on others and fulfilling your life's purpose as a leader, "The 8th Habit" is second to none.

While "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" is a great read as well, you can get all of the benefits of the seven habits and so much more by purchasing "The 8th Habit" and making a lifetime commitment to devouring the materials in it.

4. "The Four Hour Work Week" by: Timothy Ferris

"The Four Hour Work Week" is the perfect companion to "The 8th Habit" and could easily be considered the Manifesto for the entrepreneur of the information age.

Upon first hearing, it might be tempting to think that the title is "unrealistic." But Tim shares his personal story for how he accomplished his own 4 hour work week and creates a step by step explanation of how you can do the same thing.

The new and revised version provides a comprehensive and detailed guide for making the escape from the rat race of the "real world" into a life of adventure and fulfillment.

TIP: If you only read four books for the rest of your life, make it these four. Again, it's important to read them more than once and that you continue to use them to make positive changes in your personal growth.

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