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5 Hypnosis Myths Exploded

Hypnosis on the whole has pretty much gotten a bad rap. People associate it with magicians who use hypnosis to make you look silly, or the media portrays it as bad because someone got scammed, and that creates all sorts of superstitions.

And when people carry superstitions about something it often gets a bad rap. This is really a shame because hypnosis can be a great tool with a number of things, including quitting smoking and weight loss.

So let’s get rid of the most outrageous myths about hypnosis.

Hypnosis Myth #1 – It is all the same

That is like saying all apples are the same. Sure the essence is an apple, but apples come in different colors, and have very different tastes. I may like McIntosh apples the best, but my son prefers Red Delicious apples.

Hypnosis works in a very similar way, there are many ways to hypnotize a person and the way that works the best for you may not be the way that works well for me. So, just because the first way you tried was not successful, does not mean hypnosis as a whole is bad or that it can’t work for you.

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Hypnosis Myth #2 – Subliminals work

The claim is that subliminals which are defined as words that you cannot hear can make you do something you do not want to do. But logic tells us that they shouldn’t and don’t work. And to date there is no research that supports that claim that they do work, meaning they don’t.

Hypnosis Myth #3 – Not everyone can be hypnotized

Anyone, able to pay attention for a period of time, can be hypnotized if they allow it to happen. You have to willing to let it happen. It is important to understand though, that even if you are willing if the hypnotist is not good at what they do or if you do not respond well to their technique then you are going to have a hard time. So you want a hypnotist that is both able to tailor their style to meet your needs and who has experience.

Hypnosis Myth #4 – It is weird and is something that has to be done to you

Hypnosis is a state that all of enter into several times a day. Hypnosis helps you both sleep and learn. When sleeping you are in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and hypnosis is just getting to that stage on purpose, with purpose. There are no drugs involved here; this is a getting to a natural state of being for the purpose of achieving something.

Hypnosis Myth #5 – Loss of control

One of the craziest myths that have been put out there is that you lose control in hypnosis. When in reality, it is quite the opposite. When you are in a hypnotic state you are not only relaxed, but very focused and you may choose to stop, get up and leave anytime. You are actually making the choice to focus and give yourself over the hypnotic state, and may choose to stop it at any time.

Don’t be afraid of hypnosis, it’s real purpose is to help.

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