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5 Minute Learning Machine Review

Many people have trouble learning, let alone wanting to learn in the first place. Some people find it hard to sit through an entire 2-3 hour lesson, while others simply have issues comprehending and recollecting what they have learned and read in any class.

You’ll realize that this can be a huge drawback if you’re in college or taking a short course on anything.

The 5 Minute Learning Machine has what you need to fix this. In this review, we’ll look at what is it all about and whether it is effective as it claims or not.

What is 5 Minute Learning Machine all about?

The 5 Minute Learning Machine is a program created by Warren Banks, who runs the 5MinuteLearningMachine blog and is a producer of brain and memory products.

The 5 Minute Learning Machine claims to help achieve the following:

• Doubles reading speed

• Helps to build a very effective memory

• Achieve high grades with less study

• Learn techniques of how to build your concentration

• Improve your math skills and master your ability to work with math figures


The main course comprises an information guide on how to go about everything; from fast reading to various memory drills. Additionally, there are three bonuses that come with the main course:

• Advanced memory techniques – this eBook goes a step further beyond simple mnemonics and illustrates the true memory coaching.

• New Advanced Body Language Secrets – shows you how to efficiently read people’s feelings and emotions and how you can apply this knowledge to improve in your career and succeed, as well as in your personal life and relationships. You will learn the immense power of body language and how you can incorporate it into your daily life.

• The DNA of success – this includes Jack Zufelt’s audio interview that basically outlines the reasons why many people find it hard to achieve success.

The benefits

• The package covers extensive dynamic topics that suit everyone.

• It is backed by testimonials from highly satisfied users proving the product delivers beyond its promise.

• It is very cheap for the bonus offers and depth of coverage.


• The product’s sales letter somewhat underrates and thus undersells the program, and some customers may not realize the potential in it.

• Some materials in the product may already be possessed by certain customers.

Does the 5 Minute Learning Machine really work?

That really depends on who you ask but it essentially boils down to what your objective is. However, the core values that the 5 Minute Learning Machine instills can amazingly be applied to learning and achieve remarkable results.

It is really about unlocking your potential to learn so that you can get your brain working at top notch level and keeping a lot more knowledge much faster. This is a key factor that determines how far you go in achieving success in any field, and it is a requirement almost in every industry.


As advertised, the 5 Minute Learning Machine gives just that and more. Certainly, it will not make you the next Einstein but it will sure rev up your reading and retaining skills so that you develop solid comprehension capabilities.

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