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5 Steps For Crystallizing Your Dreams

Do you sometimes get the feeling that there's something you need to be doing with your life? Perhaps something more meaningful and empowering which gives you a sense of purpose and passion?

As you probably know, the majority of people alive really have no idea what they want to do with their life.

They have vague wishes about being happy and having more security and purpose... but few people ever have a specific dream which is crystallized into a solid plan of action.

Well, if you feel like you're one of these people, these five steps will help you to build a specific dream which you can get to work on and get what you want in life...

1.Find Out What Excites You

Above all things in life, everyone wants to be happy, and being happy is more than practicing a positive state of mind. It's also important that the activities which you are involved in every day are filling you with a sense of passion and excitement.

So before you even think about how you're going to accomplish what is going to happen, ask yourself what really excites you and start writing down your answers. Do this every day, until you have enough information to proceed to step two.

2.Find Someone to Model After

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel when it comes to crystallizing your specific dream and how to go about achieving it. If you find something that excites you, chances are that someone else has already accomplished it and you can learn from their example. This can be anyone, living or dead, who can provide you with an example of how the achievement of your dream is possible and can inspire personal development and self improvement in you.

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3.Find A Need to Fulfill

Regardless of what your dream is, you're going to need help from other people in order to accomplish it. Even if your objective is to start your own company, you're going to need to focus on making a meaningful contribution to the world so that people will actually pay you for what you're doing.

Even if your dream is not career oriented, it's still important to ask yourself what need it will meet for yourself and those around you. This will also help you determine what to give in return for what you want.

4.Develop a Written Plan

No matter what your dream is, you must have a specific plan of action for achieving it. The best way to develop a solid plan which will give you a better understanding of your dream is to write it down and to look at it every day.

As you do this, your understanding of your dream and the purpose that it will give your life and the life of others will deepen and so will your desire to achieve it. A written plan will also solidify your commitment and make your dream appear more practical and achievable in your mind.

5.Take Daily Action Towards Achieving Your Dream

Even if you only have a vague idea of what your dream is and a very lose plan for how you're going to achieve it, taking action will solidify all of the details which did not become apparent through your thinking and analysis.

Action helps you to learn by experience and to use trial and error, to determine exactly what you're going to need to do, and what you're going to need to become to achieve your dreams. Sure, this does mean that there will be failures and possibly disappointments, but taking consistent action towards achieving your objective is the only way to develop a realistic understanding of it.

TIP: The greatest enemy of dreams is better getting started on them. Begin today to work on these five steps towards crystallizing your dream. Before long, you will become a goal achieving machine.

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