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Affirmations for Abundance

Have you ever been walking down the street, or in the car driving after a particularly difficult week, and notice your mind thinking about every bad thing going on in your life at that moment?

Your mind may also begin to focus on all the things you don’t have at that moment. And sometimes your mind even gets stuck on memories from your past that are negative.

When you notice all that negative thinking it is important to interrupt that line of thinking with an affirmation for abundance.

Take those negative thoughts and flip them 180 degrees, to positive thoughts.

The next time you catch yourself worrying about money, or complaining about being tired, stop and flip the thought, making it positive, bringing positive energy into your thoughts. Instead of thinking, “I hope I have enough money to pay the bills this month,” tell yourself, “I was able to pay the bills last month, and I know this month I will make even more money, and be even better than just fine moneywise.”

By making that statement you are actually taking some necessary steps. Not only are you changing your own thoughts and attitude, but you are also creating positive energy, acknowledging that you notice the good things going on in your life and are open for more good things. The universe will answer you by sending you what you need.

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Affirmations for abundance can also be used to stop limiting beliefs and improve your self-esteem allowing more positive blessings to enter into your life and be accepted. You see “you are your own worst enemy” in this.

If you are constantly thinking you are not worth it, or you just can’t change yourself the worse things will get for you. Because you have created a black hole where all the good things that are meant for you are sucked into, because you don’t believe you should have them.

If you want to change, “your luck”, you have to change how you think. You do this my making statements such as “I am ready for a great job that makes more money,” or “I deserve or I am worthy of more money, better health, and happiness.”

What is amazing is that as you change your way of thinking to be more positive, and the more goodness that begins to come to you, will result in even more coming to you. And it comes because you are more open to it. The more open you are to the possibilities, the more those good things will come.

Every time you use an affirmation for abundance instead of letting that negative thought hang around, the more you are changing how you think. You are pushing out the negative allowing the positive to come in, thus allowing the things you desire most to come to you.

You can be successful and have everything, but first you must let go of all the negative thoughts and feelings making room for the goodness, the positive energy, the self-love and the abundance of what you are seeking.

amazing self

amazing self

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