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Affirmations for Health

A person’s health is quite complicated because it can’t be measured by just the physical. There is also a person’s emotional health too.

And sometimes a person’s health can be affected by their emotional state, creating physical issues.

Even the experts have looked into this, and have found that the immune system is closely linked with the endocrine and nervous systems, indicating that our emotions and our mind can affect illness.

Taking that information and thinking about the possible consequences, it only makes sense that if you are positive and open to positive energy you are more likely to feel good, but let yourself be negative and allow that negative energy to seep in and no wonder you feel crappy.

I mean think about it, people can be so self-destructive to themselves, and that is all that negative energy controlling their mental health and their physical health.

You have to re-program how you think to focus on the positive, letting go of the negative and affirmations for health can help you do that! And the rest of this article will give you some affirmations and explain their importance, their purpose.

“I will respect and love myself, all of me.”

Loving who you are is essential to you being mentally and physically healthy. When you think about who you are, do you like yourself? If you don’t what do you need to change to take those negative thoughts about who you are into positive one?

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“Be forgiving.”

To forgive another person is not to say what they did that was hurtful is OK, but it is to release the negative feelings you are holding onto and letting them go. That pain and anger only do damage to you and your well-being. By letting those negative feelings go, you make room for the positive ones.

“Be Positive.”

It has been shown time and again, a positive outlook on life, improves your metal, thus your physical health. Even thinking negatively about someone else can be destructive, so try to be positive and like your mother always said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

“I will take care of me today, because I am worth it.”

I am a Mom and sometimes I forget to take care of myself. And then I start to notice, I am more grouchy, short with my kids, and just in general not a happy person. That is when I have to remember to take care of me. When I take that time and get back in touch with who I am, I am more positive, happier, more patient and in general a better person to be around.

Your health, both mental and physical can be influenced by your negative or your positive thoughts. Knowing that those negative feelings can harm you on more than one level, it only makes sense to focus on being positive.

The affirmations for health in this article can help put you on the right path to being more physically and mentally healthy, simply by focusing on parts of you that are the most important like: loving yourself, forgiving others, being positive and taking care of yourself.

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