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Appreciation Attracts Prosperity

One of the most powerful forces in the universe for creating and bringing prosperity to you is appreciation. I know, that sounds pretty simple, but it is true.

Appreciating who you are and what you have in life can literally boost your levels of prosperity.

You see by showing appreciation you are telling the universe that you know you have some good things in your life, and that your door is wide open for more good things.

It also sends out positive energy and what comes back to you will be positive energy.

And for some people it can be very difficult to appreciate where they are in life. Which is why it may sound simple, but it is not always easy to manifest appreciation for a job you hate, or an in-law you don’t get along with very well. So, in order to boost your prosperity let’s take a look at how you find appreciation with parts of your life that aren’t so great right now.

The first step in learning to appreciate what you do have, so you can attract more prosperity is to try to come up with one positive fact about it, and then come up with a better thought, and then an even better thought. For example, the in-law you don’t get along with.

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A good thought would be she watched my son’s for me one time. A better thought, she is good to my boys and they really love her. An even better thought, she helped shape who my husband is and he is a pretty amazing man. And try to keep upgrading those thoughts.

The next step is the hard part because you have to follow it all the way through, even if you feel a bit fake about what you are saying. It is important to keep going until you feel the natural, positive shift in how you feel and think about that person, job, or whatever you are focusing on. The positive shift creates happier, lighter and more uplifted feelings and thoughts towards whatever you were working on.

The final step is realizing that you can be appreciative about lots of things you never thought possible. And once you begin to appreciate those things more and more, you will see how more and more prosperity will come your way.

You can be appreciative of where you live, who is in your life, that you have a job, that you have food on the table, that everyone in your life is safe and healthy, and that you can pay your bills.

If you follow the steps above, learning to appreciate, following through until you feel the positive shift happen and then applying that to more areas of your life, you will find that you will attract prosperity into your life.

And if you can do that in many areas of your life, you will have prosperity all over the place. The key is to know what you have, and appreciate what you have been given, in order to get more of what you want.

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