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Attractor Genie reviewAttractor Genie is a product by John Petrov, a relatively new comer to the field of internet marketing. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that his creation – Attractor Genie – has not been a break through.

It was basically a product of two years of intensive research and development and is now one of the hottest programs among people interested in the ‘Law of Attraction’.

So, what’s Attraction Genie all about?

It is a software program designed to help you achieve your full potential by learning how to break that inner belief system that bars so many people from ever achieving what they are really capable of.

When you buy the program, you will get the exact techniques and how you can apply them to get the results you’re working for. You will be able to track your progress, build a direction plan for the future, develop affirmations and, if you wish, subliminal messaging too. The best part is that it is fully automated, easy to implement and run, and all achieved at the press of a button.

Is Attractor Genie really effective?

One thing that makes this program standout from others is that it doesn’t dwell on generic advice and outdated techniques. The methods shown in the software program are up to date, effective and very simple to follow and use.

As long as you can access a computer, you have full control of Attractor Genie and can implement it from anywhere. You are cautioned though that it may not immediately work when you’ve just started using it. It takes some bit of time getting used to and going over the instructions again and again until you finally realize the results you want to achieve.

It takes some time before you’re done with the initial process, as you try to overcome your mental blockages, just as the case has been with all Law of Attraction programs. If you really follow the computer program diligently, you will for sure get the results you want.

What you get when you buy Attractor Genie

When you purchase this program at $97, you get the whole complete program of Attractor Genie in a single package, that’s it. Forget about the add-ins when you buy this product. You will also get a 60-day money back guarantee; that is if you’re not pleased with the product, you can get to keep it but also receive a full refund.

That is definitely an offer that no so many providers are willing to make. And if you’re a ‘Doubting Thomas’, you can first buy the full package at only $5 for a seven-day trial (given you use a credit card to pay). If you request for a refund, there will be no further charges, otherwise the remaining balance of $92 goes on the card on the eighth day.


If you want progress with the law of attraction, Attractor Genie is one program you want to be looking at. When you go through the program, you will quickly realize that it is one of the leading backups for anyone dealing with the law of attraction. Because of its effectiveness, Attractor Genie is here to stay.

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