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Basic Knowledge On Self Hypnosis

By definition hypnosis is an induced altered state of consciousness, characterized by heightened suggestibility and receptivity to direction.

Hypnosis can be performed by someone else or you can self hypnotize. To begin to self hypnotize you need to first understand the basics.

Self hypnosis is done by a person to him/herself by relaxing and putting himself into a state of hypnosis.

And by doing that said person can readjust his/her subconscious thinking with whatever his conscious mind wants his subconscious to think. The process can be adapted for many different areas:

Because hypnosis in itself is relaxing and calming it can automatically help with lowering levels of stress.

It can also help a person to quit smoking and to also lose weight.

It can also be applied to help people focus at work or school.

What worries people is that a person’s mind will be controlled, as it seems to be when a person hypnotizes another person on stage, during a hypnotic act. And here is where another benefit comes into play because if you are hypnotizing yourself then you are in complete control of what happens.

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Another concern folks have is that once hypnotized they won’t be able wake up on their own. But in reality, there is no need for concern here. Think about when you take a nap, you don’t tell yourself to wake up, but you do anyways. You wake up naturally. Same goes with self hypnosis, your body will wake itself up.

So how do you self hypnotize yourself? You want to begin by getting into a comfortable position. You will then need to focus and concentrate on one thought. You will probably need to practice this because we all have so many thoughts running around in our minds that to focus on just one is difficult.

So, close your eyes and slow your breathing, similar to meditating. Then begin to eliminate the many thoughts going on up there. Remove them one at a time until you are able to concentrate on one single thought. And that thought should be whatever suggestion you want to make. Whatever you are working on at that time be it losing weight, or reducing your levels of stress.

Next, begin to wake yourself up by either counting backwards or talking yourself back awake into a conscious place. You could also add to your script that you will wake up feeling fully energized and ready to work on your goal.

What should you tell yourself when in a self hypnotic state? You will want to pick something short. Short so you can memorize it and say it many times during the day. It should also be a positive statement. Do not use any negative words. It should also be stated as though you have already accomplished your goal.

It does not need to be something that you believe. You are saying it and teaching your subconscious because you don’t believe it right now. By saying it every day, several times a day you will begin to believe it, which is the whole idea here, to change how you think and by having a basic knowledge of self hypnosis you can begin to do that.

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