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Boost Your Confidence

Some people have a lot, and some people don’t have much at all, but what I think it is that we could all use a boost in our confidence from time to time.

And I believe that most people don’t have excess confidence because they are just not sure how to gain confidence. Below are some tools you can use to boost your confidence.

The first step is to acknowledge that you are not perfect and that there are areas in your life that you can improve on.

What are the things in your life that make you feel unworthy, or ashamed? Now write them down, and understand that it is part of who you are and part of what is holding you back from being more confident.

Now that your issue is out in the “open, “you need to talk about it with loved ones. By getting it out there you can work through it, or at least accept it as part of who you are. But make sure either way you need to stop letting it control who you want to be.

Step 3 is to remember that no one is perfect. Everyone has insecurities even if they hide them very well. And what some people learn is that we all have insecurities, but most of us know is that those feelings will pass if you work hard to keep moving forward.

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Another important step to take again and again is acknowledging your successes. It is important to notice it when you succeed so you can bank some of that confidence you gain for when you have a harder time.

And if you begin to notice the little things, you will unconsciously make mental notes you can pull up later to remind yourself that you can do the little things allowing your brain to accept maybe it can do bigger things, thus boosting your confidence.

Being thankful for what you do have is an important step because all too often we forget that we do have a lot combating those feelings of not being able to do anything right. Because you already have done some things right or you wouldn’t have what you already have in your life.

You need to be positive. And if you have to fake this one, until you can truly be, than fake it. Just by continuously expressing positive feelings, even if you don’t feel that way can boost your confidence. By continuing to do that and seeing how just being a little more positive makes you feel more confident will make you want to continue to be more positive, thus more confident.

So as you can see there are many, many ways to boost your confidence. By recognizing that you are not perfect, and learning to deal with those imperfections, by recognizing it when you do something well, being thankful for what you do have and presenting a positive attitude will help you not only learn more about who you are, but also help you gain that confidence you need to feel good about who you are.

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