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Boost Your Life With Subliminal Messages

We all have periods in our lives where things just aren’t going the way we planned them to go. Now I think realistically we all expect some bumps in the road, but sometimes those bumps turn into hills and we just can’t seem to make our way to the top and over to the other side where it gets easier again.

This article is all about boosting your life using subliminal messages. So, how does using subliminal messages go with getting over the hill?

It gives you the boost you need to be strong enough to climb over the hill. Let me explain what I mean.

Subliminal messaging sends messages directly to the subconscious mind, and that section is what controls body temperature, memory, and also provides your mind with its main traits. If you can get subliminal messages to your subconscious, you can alter how it thinks and what it sends to your conscious mind. And that will help you attain goals you have been afraid to go after or reach when you were struggling.

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To make this work for you, you need to begin with a couple of main goals you would like to focus on at the present moment. For example, you might want to lose weight or be more confident. Next, write that goal down in the form of a positive, short affirmation.

For example, “I am ready to lose weight.” or “Now, I am more confident.” A few other examples, “I learn quickly.” or “My typing speed increases daily.” or “I am ready to stop smoking.”

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It is very important however, that you state all affirmations in a positive format. Do not use negative words, such as, don’t, can’t, or not in your affirmation. Otherwise your subconscious takes that to mean you want to gain weight or you don’t really want to be more confident. And that defeats your whole purpose and certainly does not boost your life in any way.

The last and very important step is to take a thick, black marker, and write your message clearly on an index card or white cardboard. Make at least three of each affirmation, centering on your main goal, and then place the cards next to your bed with a flashlight.

Next, set your alarm clock for 2 or 3 am, go to sleep, waking up with the alarm, pick up your flashlight and your affirmation cards. Then, flick the flashlight on and off very fast at least a dozen times over each card. These messages are for the subconscious.

When you are finished, put the cards down, turn off the flash light, and go back to sleep. You will only be awake for about 2 min. and you should be able to go right back to sleep, not even noticing the interruption.

After continually getting up at 3am most people will notice dreams aiding them with their main goals. After one short week almost all the individuals notice a large step has been taken towards their main goal. They notice they have lost some weight or feel more confident.

Not every step forward will be noticed, but after a few weeks, most people can see how far they have come. Soon, they will reach one of their main goals and can move onto the next one, or writing out a new set of cards.

Now you see how you can boost your life with subliminal messages!

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amazing self

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