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Brilliant Yoga Review - Sarah Sanders

brilliant yogaThe hustle and bustle of the modern working life means that we are always working longer hours in stressful conditions, with a multitude of responsibilities (mortgages, children’s fees, car payments, loans) on our shoulders.

It may not be immediately apparent but the hectic 9 to 5 schedule leads to enormous stress that eventually manifests through physical ailments – such as aches all over the body, migraines, and also through non physical attributes like emotional problems, depression and anxiety issues.

The Brilliant Yoga program, in an attempt to assist individuals whose lives have been turned almost into robotic routines, takes the archaic Eastern practice of Yoga and incorporates it into the hectic routines of the modern world. While it cannot make any claims to help you achieve financial success, it does assert that you will achieve inner peace that will help you succeed at your other endeavors.

Review of Brilliant Yoga

You have most probably heard of yoga before but do you know what it is?

Yoga is an archaic physical form of art that originates from India, which was used by men and women that were perceived as holy to achieve a state of deep consciousness and in the process help the body rid itself of physical pain, as well as relieving various illnesses.

It comprises a set of different body positions that work with specific breathing techniques. Many beginners often feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of yoga types out there and usually just give up out of confusion and frustration.

In the Brilliant Yoga program, you will find a collection of guide books, instructions and video clips that lay out the basic principles of yoga in a language that is pretty easy to understand. This program is not only intended for yoga novices, it can also be used as a reference guide by seasoned enthusiasts who have full grasp of the basics.

Sarah Sanders, the author of the Brilliant Yoga program, has extensive expertise in yoga and she published this guide after observing that there was simply no comprehensive program that could give the basics of yoga in a simple and comprehensive way. As you might already know, paying for yoga classes is not exactly a cheap thing, let alone finding the time to attend each class. 

The Brilliant Yoga program offers a simple way to self-teach yoga and practice at the comfort of your home. It is especially ideal for individuals who have great interest in yoga but are too shy to practice in a crowd, or those that simply don’t have the time to attend classes.

However, the drawback to this kind of learning is that you don’t get to connect with other people and may miss some benefits that come with practicing yoga in a social setting.

What you will get when you buy Brilliant Yoga.

• In addition to the main title, there are three other related titles you get for free, including:

• How to stop back pain

• Stretching and calisthenics made easy

• Essential guide to Pilates


At only $37, Brilliant Yoga is certainly a good deal. It is an easily accessible program for those people who desperately need some relief from the hectic lives of today’s modern world.

brilliant yoga review

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