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Confidence is pretty much a necessity in life that one ought to display in order to succeed in things. Without it, one will never have the courage to do things and would just stay contented with what he or she already knows.

It may be said that without confidence, man will never be able to move forward because he would rather want to stay on the safe side.

However, in order to build self-confidence, a simple “Be Confident!” from a friend or from your mind would sometimes not be enough. Most often, it would need some working out in order to build it up, maintain it and then improve it eventually.

1) Know your insecurities and work on them.

Identify your weak areas or better yet, list them down. Do you have issues with your acne problems or do you have regrets over the things you did not do? Identify whatever it is that you feel ashamed of. There is still a big chance that you can undo them or even try them out for the first time then you can put a line across those items and lessen your insecurities.

2) Nobody is perfect.

Remember that even your role model can be hiding a lot of insecurities. If you feel down in the dumps because of that, then it is fine because it is reality. However, it should not be the reason why you could not continue doing things that you ought to do. Instead, it should become your stepping stone to build self-confidence and if you do fail, learn from your experience so you would do it right the next time.

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3) Point out the things that you are proud of.

If things start to weigh you down, try to remember your successes no matter how small they may be. Give yourself a pat in the back and remind yourself that even if you have failed at certain things in life, all is not lost because you will eventually be able to overcome that obstacle that is weighing you down, as long as you try your best at it.

4) Prepare for what is to come.

The key to one’s success is truly self-confidence and in order to have that, one must have an ample amount of time for preparation. When you are faced with the fear of the unknown, prepare yourself. If you have an upcoming job interview, educate yourself about the company, the position you are applying for and other technicalities. A person will ooze with self-confidence once he or she has a full grasp of the subject matter.

5) Stay positive.

In order to build self-confidence, avoid pitying yourself or letting other pity and sympathize for you. Other people will only make you feel that you are inferior if you allow them to do that. Speak about yourself, your future and the little progress that you are making in a positive manner. Doing so will help you believe that you can really do things as long as you put your mind to it – and eventually, you will get that to action.

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Posted at 6:36:pm 01/09/12 by Mark Long from Chicago

Commentary on how to be more confident

I agree especially with item #3. We often forget reflect on the past successes when attempting to achieve a new skill such as learning how to be more confident. I also think it makes sense to not think about confidence as either being successful or failing but rather as thinking about how to get what you want out of life. In that way you can either achieve your goal with each step or learn something that will help you along the way.

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