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10 Great Affirmation Statements

If you've already heard of the power of affirmations you're probably ready to find the most powerfully influential affirmations which you can use to reach your peak potential and accelerate self improvement.

So the purpose of this email is to give you ten stellar affirmation statements that you can plug into your daily routine today. You'll also find a detailed explanation of why each one of these is so powerfully effective...

1) I am self-reliant and responsible
2) I am enthusiastic and irresistibly optimistic
3) I am diligent and hardworking
4) I am enjoying every moment of my life as a journey towards becoming my best self
5) I am healthy and energetic
6) I am fun, playful and love making people laugh
7) I am persuasive and a person of positive influence
8) I am decisive and have a clear understanding of what's important to me
9) I am full of unstoppable confidence and certainty
10) I am creative, innovative and have a limitless source of ideas

Why These Affirmations Work so Well

Do you notice something that all of these affirmations have in common? All of them begin with an "I am" statement. This is crucially important for three reasons:

* Who You Become is What Matters Most

Many affirmations are focused only on what you want to accomplish: to have a healthy body, to make more money, to have better relationships. Yet all of these things happen as a result of being self-reliant and responsible or enthusiastic and irresistibly optimistic or diligent and hardworking or healthy and energetic.

So as long as you focus on becoming the right kind of person, the benefits will come to you naturally. Of course, the other options is focusing only on what you want, but if you don't develop the character traits which will help you to achieve and sustain your goals, you'll end up frustrated. You can get more affirmations on wealth, love and self confidence here.

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* "I am" is Presently Focused

The power of affirmations is that they inspire you to take ACTIONS which naturally bring about the affirmed desire. This is why affirmations have to be presently focused...because actions only take place in the present. To tell yourself: "I'm going to..." simply tells you that something is GOING to happen, which is the same thing you tell yourself when you're procrastinating.

So future-focused affirmations don't inspire action, you must focus on who you must become and you must focus on making it a present reality through consistent actions. Present focused affirmations also help you to begin living the emotional feeling which comes from being healthy, energetic, positive, optimistic, diligent and enthusiastic.

* "I am" is Personally Empowering

The statement "I am" suggests a certainty and a confidence that is lacking in statements like "I want to be" or "I can be" or "I deserve to be." Think about it, wanting to be something or have something or believing that you deserve it doesn't assure that you'll take action, and neither does acknowledging that you CAN take action.

The only thing that can guarantee you results is a personal conviction that you are already devoted to taking action and that it's too late to turn back.

This is the power of an "I am" statement. It moves past any doubt about whether or not something is possible and builds the belief that it's already a work in progress.

TIP: These 10 affirmations only work if you use them the same way that you use a shower everyday: a few minutes is just as good as several don't overdo it. You must do it every day, and you must be consistent.

You can't do affirmations for one hour and be "good to go" for a whole week. Again, treat it like taking as shower: a little bit consistently everyday and never stop unless you want your attitude to stink!

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