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7 Easy Tips to Overcome Shyness

Are you suffering under the burden of shyness and wondering if there's a way for you to break out of your shell and become a confident and assertive person?

If so, you'll be excited to know that we've collected seven fool proof tips for overcoming shyness that you can begin to practice right now...

1. Recognize What Shyness Really is

Most shy people don't realize that there's nothing humble about being shy... in fact, it's quite the opposite.

Shyness is actually a form of pride, just as being loud, obnoxious and egotistical is. This is because both the louder and arrogant pride, and the quiet shy pride are focused more on oneself then on other people.

The difference is that shy pride is being overly focused on your insecurities, while loud and arrogant pride is being overly focused on your strengths... or what you believe to be your strengths. So there's nothing humble or noble about being shy, and most of the time realizing that alone is enough to snap yourself out of it.

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2. Let Go of Approval Addiction

If you're shy, most likely it's because of a need to be approved of by other people in order to feel good about yourself. This approval addiction will always keep you from being your best self, by being afraid of whether or not someone is going to think you're "weird," or some other negative thing.

People are to have opinions about you no matter how great you are. The best thing that you can do for yourself when it comes to other people's opinions is to stop giving them so much influence in your life.

3. Take Small Steps

Like any other personality trait, shyness is a habit and it can be overcome just as you would overcome any other kind of habit. This means by small incremental steps which are designed to replace the habit of shyness with a new empowering habit of being outgoing and assertive. Start by simply saying "Hello" to people who you don't know. Do this for a solid week, or until it becomes second nature.

Once this happens, add the simple phrase: "How are you doing today?" and again, do this until it becomes second nature...then you can move on to bigger things like starting conversations and getting to know people who you just met.

4. Improve Your Posture and Body Language

 The posture of your body has a significant impact on the condition of your mind and your mind strongly impacts your perception of yourself. So start concentrating on how confident people carry themselves: their posture, the pace of their walk and the manner of their gestures (whether they are slow or fast, certain or timid etc.).

As you do this you begin to recognize patterns which you can incorporate into your own posture and body language and you can build self confidence just by being yourself

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5. Positive Affirmations Statements

Your self-image is dramatically impacted by the way that you talk to yourself, and your self-image is what determines whether you are shy or assertive. Using positive affirmations such as: "I am interesting, outgoing and enthusiastic" and other phrases which convey confidence and assertiveness can help you develop a thought process which will help you build an empowering self-image and help you overcome shyness.

6. Find Like Minded People to Practice With

A great way to overcome shyness is to find people who are like-minded and who are interested in things that you're interested in and that you are passionate about.

This is because it will awaken your inner source of passion and give you something to talk to them about which will cause you to easily forget your shyness. The more you do this, the easier it will be to overcome the habit of shyness and to become outgoing.

7. Take a Dance Class

Taking group dance classes is probably one of the best ways to overcome shyness because it forces you to get comfortable talking with people... which is normally difficult for shy people to do. Ballroom or Latin dancing is also great because it will help you to meet new people and give you something interesting to talk to people about.

But most of all, pick a few of these tips to apply and get started right away!

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