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Building Self Confidence to Improve Your Career

Self-confidence is essential to success in one’s career. Without it, one would never be able to have the guts to try something that he has never done before or trudge on journeys that he is not familiar with.

Without this characteristic, one would just stay on the safe side, contented of what he has and not move forward with life.

Self-confident people are able to hold their heads high, speak with a clear voice and know exactly what they are doing – this is exactly what convinces another person or a company to have a self-confident person work for him.

Unfortunately, not all people have this characteristic in them which is why it is very important to know the steps in building self confidence if one would like to improve their careers as well as the quality of their lives.

1) Look through the things that you have achieved

The first step to building self confidence would be to find out things that could help boost your ego. Have you had any achievements at work lately? Was there anything astounding or unique that you have accomplished? It does not matter how big or small these things are and whether you did it on your own or as a part of a team – list them down into your Achievements List.

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2) Know your strengths and weaknesses

Being able to look through the things that you have accomplished so far should give you a clue on what you believe your strengths and weaknesses are. It is important that you build on your strengths because you can definitely use them to your advantage to improve your career. Your weak points may hinder you to get where you want to so it would also be good to turn them into one of your strengths.

3) Determine where you want to go

What is it that you particularly want to achieve? Be specific on your target: a weekly or monthly sales figure, mastering a new programming language or closing a deal with a certain client. List down all the things you want to accomplish and, even better, try to do them within a certain time range that you believe should be enough for you to hit that target.

4) Build on the knowledge that you need

Building self confidence includes acquiring skills and knowledge on the topic as a man delivers ideas clearly when he has know-how on the subject matter. Are you eyeing on a certain position in the company? Find out the requirements for the job, see if you have them all (maybe even more) and then start working on the ones that you do not have yet.

5) Win your skirmishes to win the battle

It is very important that one is able to see things not just in the bigger picture but also on the smaller details. Most often, it is more important to set smaller, realistic and more achievable goals than bigger but far-fetched ones. Take out your these small goals from your list and soon enough, you may be able to find yourself being able to achieve your biggest goal yet.

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