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How to Build Self Confidence in 5 Easy Steps

Many people say that self-confidence is essential to achieving success in life. It does make sense – after all, we would only want to work with a person who is able to convince us that he knows what he is doing and that he could complete the tasks with ease.

However, not all people are born oozing with self-confidence. Instead, it has to be worked on so that such characteristic will improve.

Although it cannot be done overnight, building up one’s confidence can be quite easy as long as he is consistent into doing these five very simple steps:

1) Think of your achievements

The first thing to do when it comes to building your self-confidence is to determine the successes you have had in your life. It does not matter how big or how small it is – these successes will help encourage you to go about the things that you love doing and it should also remind you that your goals, big or small, are achievable as long as you set your mind to it.

2) Improve, improve, improve

Learning should never stop once you have gone out of the four walls of your classroom. It is, after all, a continuous process and, as well all say, there is always room for improvement. Know which skills you are proficient on and enhance them even more. It is much better to be proficient and be considered an expert only at one thing than become a jack of all trades but with half-baked and mediocre work outputs.

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3) Know your limitations

It is very important that you know not only your strong point but also your weak points. It would help a lot to bring out your confidence if you tried to turn these limitations into your strengths instead.

However, if there are things that you really could not do then it is also good to be able to acknowledge them than to brag about them. This could get you in trouble in the long run especially if you are asked to do something you have no idea on.

4) Do not quit

Building one’s self-confidence can be tough especially if faced with failure. Always remember though that no one is perfect in this world and that even the best of the best people make mistakes sometimes. Forgive yourself for such failures, big or small, but use such situations as a learning experience for you. Assess the things that you have done and determine the factors which may have contributed into your failure then try to improve on these things and do better the next time.

5) Stay positive

Giving up on one’s self and on one’s goal can be so much easier than when you try, with all your might, to reach them. During such times, remind yourself how much things would be better if you are able to improve yourself and how much easier it would be to reach your goal.

Never trying and quitting should never be an option for you or you could just end up regretting things in the future. Remember that success only comes to those who persevere and to those who are confident about themselves.

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supreme self confidence