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How to Gain Confidence to Talk to Women

On the face of it, it is really some big deal to develop confidence to talk to women, and that is why you may not be able to blame those young men who lack confidence to approach the girl of their fancy in the neighborhood.

Learning how to gain confidence to talk to women is something that is developed over time and mastered with some practice; but that is what this piece is all about anyway, to teach you the art of seduction in the most natural manners.

Young men are naturally shy with women, and except for someone who is raised among many sisters, it takes some doing to develop the personality that enhances your confidence in speaking to any woman of your dreams. What then are those skills you need to have in order to build self confidence toward the opposite sex, most especially in a romantic sense?

a. Improve your confidence in your personality: You must first of all get to respect yourself for who you are. You need to be comfortable with your looks and your handsomeness or otherwise as a man. You need to like the way you speak and generally learn to like yourself. Men who do not like themselves for whatever reason will lack the confidence to talk to women.

They will be uncomfortable with what they do not like about themselves and women have a way of discerning insecurity in a man. They soon sense that the man is uncomfortable about something and when they do not know it, they feel they are not secure with such a man. You need to develop a sense of self-worth and pride as a man to really get across to any woman at heart.

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b. Develop interactive skills for self-expression: Women don’t like men who rarely say much. They love men who can express themselves intelligently and engage a good conversation. You must be able to know how to start and keep a good conversation flowing without appearing garrulous or showing you know it all.

The more you are able to express yourself, the more women will like you as a man. This is because you would have complimented something interesting about the woman just because you are simply expressing your mind. A woman will feel loved and appreciated when you are able to interact with them freely from your communications.

c. You must learn to socialize: The more you socialize with people the more you develop self-confidence to speak with people and interact on a large scale and on a small scale. What that means is that, when you socialize you get to speak among people and take up issues freely without any unworthy self-consciousness.

For instance, people that have been speaking in churches and in conferences before wide audiences do not have problems speaking to any one person. They have developed interaction skills from their socialization in wide gatherings and they can apply this to speak to a woman and still dominate her in a romantic set-up.

d. You must be knowledgeable: You must develop knowledge in many areas as a man, because this builds confidence in you. The more you know about things the more women adore you and want to learn from you or listen to you. You can win a woman over with your knowledge.

Your knowledge of things and issues will draw them to you, and this more you are able to express yourself to explain what they want to know or learn, the more able you will be to express confidence to talk to women on any issues, including matters of the heart.

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