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How to Start a Self-Confidence Action Plan

Have you ever begun your day and realized halfway through that you have no idea what you are doing, what you are supposed to be doing or where to go next?

Or, have you ever gotten in the car and realized that you have no idea how to get to where you want to go? My point is that sometimes before you can begin to take action you must build a plan.

And it is no different if you are trying to work on getting somewhere or if you are working on building up your self-confidence.

But for the purpose of this article let’s focus on building your self-confidence. You see it is easy enough to say, I am confident, but to actually be confident takes work. And truly some people do not have any clue how to begin to work on building their self-confidence, let alone maintain it. So if you are that type of person, you need to create an action plan, which will help you do just that.

The very first step in creating an action plan is being aware of what you want and who you are. Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are, but focusing on your strengths. You need to take those strengths and figure out how you can use those to your advantage to achieve personal fulfillment.

Next, take those strengths to establish some goals and list the things you would like to accomplish and what you will need to do to reach those goals. Those goals will give you purpose and things to succeed in doing, thus building your self-confidence.

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The next step is to learn to be able to motivate yourself. If you can motivate yourself, you can get things done, in turn boosting your self-confidence. A great way to motivate yourself is to set up a list of must-do activities. This will help you keep track of what needs to get done and help you stay motivated.

You also need to take care of yourself. Self-confidence should not necessarily come from your physical appearance, it is very important to feel and look your best. This means feeling good for you, and getting physically fit and being healthy. Also, pay attention to your attitude, because people will respond well to someone who has a good attitude.

Another great step is to continually learn and develop your mind. Not only will it help you feel and be smarter, it will also make it easier to have conversations with other people. So, in order to keep growing and learning, read, do puzzles, journal, improve your vocabulary, and stay informed on current events.

Finally, continue to re-evaluate where you are and where you are heading. Self –confidence is hard to maintain, and if you don’t stop to reflect where you are you may start to lose some of it and not realize it until it is too late and you are completely unmotivated again and have to crawl back up again.

Creating a self-confidence action plan is so important to help you build and maintain your self-confidence. So, start creating one and watch your self-confidence build and build!

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