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Building Self-Confidence Through Positive Self-Talk

We all go through times when we are just frustrated or having a bad day, or week. One way to re-group and get your self-confidence back is to give yourself a little pep talk.

Taking just a couple minutes can mean the difference between a bad week or just getting through that one bad day.

The purpose of positive self-talk is to help build self-confidence. We all have times when we could use a little boost, so keep on reading if you want to find out how to build your self-confidence.

And remember you are the only one responsible for whether you feel good about yourself or not, don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.

Your biggest obstacle is usually you. If you are thinking or having negative thoughts, about even one thing going on in your life, it can impact how you are feeling about everything in your life. You may end up feeling like there is no way to break the cycle of negativity, but there is, by making positive changes which will require self-confidence and action.

When you have to deal with an event in life that is resulting in negative feelings, stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Come up with a couple possible solutions to the problem, including one that requires some kind of action, then go back to the problem with a more open mind, some possible solutions and less negative feelings attached to that particular problem.

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Another area you can work on to feel better about you is to remind yourself of any recent accomplishments, at work and/or home. You can also think about any hobbies or areas in your life that you are really good at, that you are really proud of.

Think about what it took to get good at running or painting or whatever you enjoy. It takes patience with yourself, practice, and success. And remember we all fall sometimes, but we get back up and try again.

So, now what, how do you use positive self-talk?

Well the great part is you can decide what way works best for you. Some people talk out loud so they are not both making a positive statement, but also thinking it as well. Or if you are not comfortable doing that you can just find a quiet place to sit and talk to yourself that way.

What really matters is that whatever you say either to yourself or out loud needs to be stated in positive manor with no negativity attached to it. For example, don’t say “I am not going to be sad anymore.” you need to say, “I am choosing to be happy today.”

Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or feeling like life is getting you down, stop and take a moment to give yourself a little boost. Say one of the positive comments you have come up with and remind yourself that it will be OK.

Everyone has a bad day once in a while but what is important is to re-group and head in the right direction, by stopping the negative feelings and turning them in to positive thoughts.

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