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Can You Really Think Yourself Thin?

You've probably already heard all of the buzz these days about the power of your thoughts and how you can actually attract the body that you really want by "thinking yourself thin."

But is this accurate and verifiable or just a bunch of new age banter and good marketing?

And if it is true... what role balanced exercise play in your efforts to become thin? If you're itching to know this and ready to have the body that you really want, these principles ought to shed some light on the subject...

First, the Answer

The undeniable answer to whether or not you can think yourself then is no, you can't. Everyone knows that thinking won't do for you what proper exercise will do and it certainly can't make up for bad eating habits. But...

You CAN harness the power of your thoughts and change the beliefs which have caused you to become overweight. You can replace these beliefs with ones which will empower you to take actions and to live a lifestyle which will naturally lead to a thinner body. When someone mentions that they "thought themselves thin," it's this process that they're talking about.

So, if it's really that easy to form beliefs which will influence actions that will make you thinner, why isn't everyone having success in doing so and making changes in their personal development and self esteem?

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How the Process of "Thin Thinking" Works

It's not enough to simply think "I want to be thin." Just think about how many people are doing that right now and who aren't getting anywhere. Modern weight loss statistics tell us that the average woman has tried at least 10 times to lose weight. Most likely, every one of those times they were thinking: "I want to be thin."

SO why didn't it work? Because thin thinking must be designed to build rock solid belief that you not only WANT to be thin, but that you WILL be thin - that you're well on your way to becoming thin

This means that instead of saying: "I want to be thin," you think: "I'm going to be thin, here's how I'm going to do it..." Then you would affirm a list of definite actions which you WERE going to take in order to become thin. Now, of course, you do have to take can't just keep affirming that you're going to be thin and how you're going to do it and expect someone to grab your strings like a puppet and do it for you.

But again...

...consistent weight loss affirmative thinking will empower you to build the conviction that will inspire you to start moving in the right direction. In the same way, consistent negative thoughts like "I hate dieting" or "I wish I was thinner" or "I should be...dieting, exercising...blah, blah, blah..." will only destroy your self-esteem and initiative, and cause you to feel horrible about yourself.

As you might expect, this will not empower you to get motivated and start getting excited about your new plans for getting in shape.

Thin thinking also requires you to avoid punitive thinking like: "I was bad because I..." or "I'm so fat, I just hate the way I look..." or the worst "I can't wait till I get off this diet..."

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A Plan of Action

Okay, so what can you do to start turning your life around using thin thinking? Here are three things to do:

1) Decide what Your Ideal Weight is

Setting your ideal weight as a goal is far more productive than telling yourself how much you want to lose. The idea of loss is negative to the subconscious mind and it will always avoid doing things that cause you to "lose." Focus on what you want (ideal weight), rather than what you don't want (the extra weight).

2) Decide What You're Going to do to Get There

Again, thoughts along won't do it. You need a specific plan for balanced and healthy eating habits and consistent exercise in order to get solid results. Just make sure that what you decide to do is viewed as empowering instead of something you "have to do." The mind and body respond better to "I get to" or "I'm going to" or "I want to" than it does to "I have to."

3) Create Affirmative "Thoughts" for Each

Now that you have the above two things figured out, write out and affirmative statement based around what you want and in an empowering "I will do ___ to have ____."  Speak these everyday and focus on being more consistent and persistent than your current thoughts (those which have made you overweight). In time, your thin thinking will become thin living.

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