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Concrete Confidence

concrete confidence 

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"Concrete Confidence" - How to Develop the Confidence to Monetize Any Industry

In highly profitable industries, you can almost bet your bottom that there will be masses of highly competitive entrepreneurs. Learn how to beat them with sheer confidence.

This book is designed to equip you with one of the most important skills in life - the ability to act in spite of fear. Overcoming fear is the essence of confidence. Once you have achieved mastery of self, you will be able to do whatever it takes to succeed in any industry.

Table of Contents:
* The Name of the Game
* Making Money out of Anything
* Why You Just Cannot Forget the Internet
* Build Something Successful
* Goodwill Hunting and Finding Niches
* Promoting Your Stuff Online When Does the Confidence Come?
* The Power of Viral Marketing
* Building Your Battalion of Interested People
* Setting Up Streams Of Residual Income
* Realizing The Power Of "I Can"

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