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Creating Abundance – Affirming Money

It begins the moment we earn our first $1.00 doing a chore, or get that first $5.00 as a birthday gift the money lessons of life will be introduced.

And depending on what kind of money your parents have will greatly affect how they teach you about money.

If they struggle they are probably going to tell you that money is hard to earn, harder to save and almost impossible to create an abundance of.

If you’re parents have a lot of money they will probably teach you how they create money, how to keep money, how to save it, spend it, and how to create more of it.

Basically what I am telling you is that money, no money we are “brainwashed” early on, which create our money values for life, unless we re-teach ourselves somewhere along the way.

Let’s go with the majority of people out there, which are people who either fall more in the middle, they have enough to get by, but no more. They are the ones that need some re-teaching to take the “power” money has over most of them.

You see that is the biggest obstacle for most people, the belief that you can’t create an abundance of money that is just not possible. When in reality it is not only possible, but not at hard as you have been taught that it should be.

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There are people out there, without college degrees that not only begin their own businesses, but also make quite a bit of money doing it. There are also people out there that work their butts off and make quite a bit of money too. But the first groups of people were taught that money is just money, it holds no power over them.

So with that in mind, think back to the lessons your parents taught you. Write them down and decide are they more self-limiting, or more self-liberating? Do you worry all the time about money? Do you have $500.00 in your bank account or $50,000?

If you are like most people you have been taught some very self-limiting lessons about money. And you have believed in and lived those lessons for 20, 30, 40 years, so changing those beliefs are not going to change overnight.

But you can combat those lessons with new lessons, lessons that allow you to create an abundance of wealth. The key here is repetition and creating the right kind of lessons. If you just say, “I want money,” good luck because that isn’t going to get you very far.

You have to create a statement or affirmation that is specific and well designed to actually reprogram how you think and what you believe. You also need to find something that you are good at and enjoy that you can: use, sell, teach or build.

Creating an abundance of money cannot be created without some work on your part, but if you are willing to work and change what you believe about money you can absolutely create an abundance of money and use the lessons you have learned to educate the next generation about money.

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amazing self

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