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Develop Good Habits in 7 Simple Steps

We all have habits.

Habits are just part of who we are as humans. What is important to note though is that some habits that we have are good, and add to the positive side our lives, where some of the habits we have are not good and take away from or are part of the negative side of our lives.

And the goal for any of us is to try to do away with those nasty, negative habits.

It is easy to say, “I will quit smoking tomorrow,” or “I will go out and run, tomorrow,” but it is much harder to do. Below are 7 simple steps to developing good habits, thus eliminating the bad ones.

1. Identify the bad habits. You first need to take a look at your day to day habits and define which ones are healthy, good ones and which ones are unhealthy, bad ones. Is the fact that you take the stairs everyday good or bad? In this case that is a good habit.

Is the fact that you aren’t sure how much money you have in your checking account good or bad? This is an example of a bad habit, not having any idea where your finances are is not good.

2. Decide and commit. Now that you have a list of both good and bad habits. Let’s focus on the bad list and decide which one you want to begin with. Keep in mind none of them will be easy, since you have been doing them a while. But once you decide you have to make the commitment to really do it this time.

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3. What trips you up? You need to think back to other times you have tried to drop this bad habit. What happened that you went back to your old ways? You need to be able to identify those triggers so you can avoid them this time, or at least be prepared.

4. Create a plan. You can’t begin to get rid of this bad habit if you approach it the same way you have before. You have to create a plan to follow to keep you on track and focused. What do you want to accomplish each day or week? And then stick with your plan.

5. Use affirmations and/or visualization. Using affirmations or visualization are great tools to help reprogram your consciousness and unconscious. They are also great tools to help you focus on the positive parts of getting rid of a bad habit, such as being healthier.

6. Support from friends and family. People who truly love you and want what is best for you will support you and encourage you to keep going, to motivate you and to help keep you focused.

7. Reward yourself. As you reach different stages of your plan, you should reward yourself. What is important here is to remember to reward yourself with something healthy.

Developing good habits will not only make you a healthier person, but it will also make you feel better about yourself, thus building your self-confidence. So use the 7 simple steps listed above to develop good habits.

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