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Emotional Freedom Technique Can Change Your Life

More and more people are taking control of their own well-being. One way people are doing that is by using a method called, Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT.

According to Counseling Concepts LLC, the Emotional Freedom Technique is defined “as an effective, proven treatment based on acupressure.

It is used to alleviate trauma, anxiety, phobias, pain, addictions, and much more. EFT works on eliminating emotions, triggers, and stressors in the body while increasing self-confidence and empowerment over symptoms that cause them.”

I want you to think for a moment about a day that you woke up feeling negative and how the rest of your day went. It probably didn’t go very well. It is well-known that negative thinking creates more negativity and positive energy creates more positive energy.

The negative energy will also eventually cross over into physical or emotional problems. So, our goal is to always be positive, thus creating more positive energy and inviting more positive things into our lives.

Now taking that definition and those thoughts about positive energy, how does Emotional Freedom Technique work?

EFT uses mind focus and a form of needle free acupuncture to deal with any problem. You tap on specific spots on your face and body while reciting an affirmation statement that ties to the problem you are dealing with. By tapping you open up the channels of energy throughout the body. This allows the energy to begin flowing freely and also lets the negativity go.

The beauty of this process is that it works very quickly. Within a short amount of time, just a session or two, you will notice increases levels of energy. Using certain breathing techniques also seems to increase the speed of the process.

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What is also great about EFT is that it is very versatile. After you have learned the initial basics, you can use it for letting go of negative emotions and get relief from physical symptoms and create positive changes. You can also use it for making your relationships better, creating more money, or eating healthier.

Since children have less, inhibitions then us grown-ups, ETF works really well with them. They really seem to enjoy the different approach ETF offers. Plus kids are just fun, and they add a touch of humor making the healing process even that much easier.

And humor all by itself is a pure form of positive energy and that is the name of the game, so try to approach most of life the same way a child does, with a little glimmer of humor in your eye. It can really help you finally throw some of that old baggage off your shoulders once and for all.

If you are looking to let go of the negative energy in your life and obtain some positive energy then you should give EFT a try. It really has a lot of great ways in which it can help you, if you allow it to. Open your mind up to the possibilities and try using the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Really what do you have to lose? Nothing! But what could you gain: happiness, freedom from all the negativity, health, and so many other positive things in your life!

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