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Fat Burning Furnace Review

fat burning furnace reviewIf you’re like most people trying to lose weight, you’ve probably tried a lot of products – diets, pills, supplements, going to the gym – out there in vain.

The truth is that losing weight is hard work, but finding something that really works is a hustle in its own right. You probably don’t have to be told that there are hundreds of scams doing the rounds over the internet.

Seriously speaking, there are few people who haven’t bought a scam product since the advent of the online fitness-products marketing machine. Scams existed even before the internet; however, the internet only made them more easily accessible to many people.

So, how do you really identify a genuine fitness product? Often times, genuine weight loss products emphasize the need for discipline before results can be realized, and that’s exactly what the Fat Burning Furnace program is all about: discipline.

What is the Fat Burning Furnace?

Basically it’s a workout and diet program which when followed can help, not only in weight loss but also to achieve the perfect fitness level.

The diet section encourages eating good carbs and healthy fats. Lots of recipes and tutorials are included so there’s no chance that you’ll be left in the dark on the foods to eat. All the recipes are pretty simple to make even if your culinary skills are not that good.

One thing with the workouts is that they are very intense but short, only lasting about 20 minutes, in which time you’ll be able to burn over 500 calories. The reason these workouts are very effective is because they are design for fat burning. They directly aim at boosting metabolism and leave your body ‘active’ for 2 days, which means that your body will continue to steadily burn fat even when you’re not physically active. 

The workouts particularly aim at increasing the resting metabolic rate (RMR) such that your body burns calories at will, no matter what you’re doing, but more importantly, even when you’re resting. Besides, you will not have to be working out every day of the week; only 2-3 days a week are enough.

In addition, the Fat Burning Furnace contains a number of pictures to help guide you through the workouts but the upgrade would be more recommended because it contains video tutorials which make it even easier to learn the workouts.

Pros of the Fat Burning Furnace

• It is very elaborately written and easy to understand.

• Includes the reason for exercise in addition to telling you what to do so that you get to know why the workouts are effective and how they work.

• Workouts are fast, no warm ups required.

• Cardio is not necessary. There are better cardio workouts here than the long, boring typical exercises.

• Author is easily accessible

• Limited workout is possible using bodyweight; perfect on holiday.


• Main focus is on workouts, although some diet tips are included.

• There are only pictures for the core workouts; no videos are included for this.

• Core exercises need weights, which means going to the gym. Lighter exercises only need bodyweight but don’t cover everything.


Fat Burning Furnace is a program to give a try especially for those who prefer to lose weight with hard workouts, rather than just going on a diet.

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