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Getting Back Together Ebook

getting back together

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"After my breakup, I couldn't forget her. I didn't have a clue on how to win her back without "scaring" her. Your book made it easy and natural. Thanks!"

- Michael Cleny, Anchorage, AK

Product Description

Considering getting back with an ex partner after a bad breakup can mean a lot of changes for both of you if you want to make the relationship work this time around.

When one person has walked away from a relationship and then realizes they have made a mistake or would like to give it another shot, it may take a while for the relationship to get back on track due to the bruised ego of the other.

It is important not to allow things to be the same as they were before you broke up the first time. If you are happy to make changes and will do anything to get your ex back; if you are serious about how much you miss them, then by all means, give it another chance.

However, if you are thinking about dating your ex again after a break up, you need to be sure that this is what you really want. You also need to ask yourself some questions:

  • Do you feel that there is a chance that this relationship can be salvaged?
  • Do you really feel that there is hope for the two of you?
  • Do you feel that he or she is really the love of your life and that you can’t live without them?

My guide, "Getting Back Together" has tips on what you should and should not do when getting back with your ex, questions to ask yourself and changes that could be made in order to make the relationship this time around, last forever!

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