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Holosync Review | Holosync Scam

holosync reviewOne of the most powerful mind training tools is meditation. Holosync is one of the most high-tech meditation tools out there, and was also among the first on the market.

It is widely regarded as the father of audio mind training and meditation. Bill Harris was the brain behind this powerful mind training tool after he discovered a method by which audio technology could be used to tap into the subconscious.

This audio technology is known as binaural beats. While cheaper versions of a similar tool continue to do the rounds in internet marketing campaigns, the Holosync Solution has been tried and tested over time and has been providing real results to thousands of users.

How is the Holosync Solution used?

All you have to do is listen to the audio CDs for one hour every day.  As you go along with the program, you will receive a new CD series each one progressing you to a deeper activity level of the brain, awareness, consciousness, and relaxation – depending on the CD you’re listening to.

You will need to get yourself a good set of headphones – easily available on eBay – so as to realize the full benefits of the audio. If you’ve been meditating and already have techniques of your own, you can easily incorporate them into the session too. Nonetheless, you can simply listen to the audio and achieve the same advantages.


The company behind the Holosync solution – the Centerpointe – avails you with quality support when you’re still when you’re just starting out with the program. They send you a series of emails discussing what you might be going through. It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t hesitate with any question or query because the support team is one of the best in the business.


The changes you might experience after using Holosync Solution

After using the product for some time, you will notice a marked improvement in your awareness of people around you and your reaction to different situations you encounter. You will have a better grip of your reactions toward situations and the ability to control reactions positively.

You will develop a greater sense of living in the moment as well as a sense of mindfulness. Perhaps one of the best achievements is attaining self confidence. You’ll be able to cast away a lot of negativity and enjoy your life more.

Having said that, it’s important to note that it is not a given that every individual will achieve the exact same benefits. Experiences are different and each individual will have their own unique experience. However, many users experience profound changes in their lives, some very soon into the program, while others a little longer after starting. Some are subtle while other changes are dramatic.


• Minimizes stress levels

• Boosts creativity

• Encourages positivity

• Enhances relationships

• Helps increase productivity

• Great support

• Free courses and book online


• You need to commit at least an hour a day

• Requires a great of patience

• You have to pay for each new series of CDs


Holosync is one mind training solution that will completely change your thinking and help you build a much positive outlook. You can trust the fact that it has stood the test of time and proved its worth.

holosync review

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