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How Versus Why

We all fret over things in life. How we will: pays the bills, get that project done, go back to school, find the partner of our dreams, etc… So we set goals for ourselves.

We plan out how we will make more money to pay the bills, or how we will meet the man/woman of our dreams. The problem comes into play when we don’t accomplish our goals immediately, because we tend to give up on whatever goals we have set for ourselves.

Or maybe we stick with a bit, but once the initial push is over, we quit.

I think you know now, that really the how is not what is important. Finding out how to something isn’t really the issue. You can go to the library to find out how to make more money, like buying real estate, selling something, stock trading or buy a book to find out how to feel better about yourself. All the tools are out there! Then how come more people aren’t rich, or less people struggling with their self-esteem?

Because it is not about the how, it is all about the why!

You have to find strong enough reasons to take you towards your goals and push from not attaining your goals and then your mind will come up with a play to make it happen. The more compelling and stronger your reasons are for wanting to accomplish something the stronger your desire will be to make it happen.

11 forgotten laws

Let’s look at this from another angle. I am a former teacher and the biggest issue for most teachers is the behavior of your students. If you have a class that sits quietly and never gets out of hand you must be dreaming!

All joking aside, kids are kids and they are going to act up on occasion. The problem teachers have is when there is a student, or more than one, who acts up all the time, creating havoc in your classroom every day.

In this case the how is pretty much useless until you understand the why. You see when there is a child in your class who is a problem every day your average methods for discipline are not going to work. There is always a bigger issue going on that must be solved before you can get to the how.

If you can figure out why the child can’t sit still, perhaps he/she has ADD, or why the child runs screaming every time you touch him/her, perhaps he/she is autistic then you can go to the books, school psychologist and find out how to deal with those issues.

One more example, good actors look at why the characters they are portraying are a certain way before they look at how they should say their lines. If they know why a character is in pain or why the character is haunted by a past memory, how they have to say their lines will come naturally, because they will already understand the why of the emotion.

The bottom line here is that the how is unimportant until you understand the why and then the how will come from the desire of the why.

the law of attraction unleashed

the law of attraction unleashed