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How Wealthy People Spend Money

Are you spending money like a wealthy person? If not, you might be thinking: "I can't spend money like a wealthy person, I don't have enough." If so, this statement might reveal the clue as to why you're not wealthy yet.

You see, most of the time, we think about being wealthy and have a long list of things that we want to buy when (or if) we happen to become wealthy.

In other words, we view wealth as an opportunity to buy anything that we want: a new car, a nice house, a wardrobe that costs the same as most people's mortgages...on and on...

But this isn't how wealthy people spend money... this is how broke people spend money, and if you ever want to become wealthy, you must start by learning how to spend the money that you already have...

The Mindset of the Rich

Rich people don't spend money, they invest it. They purchase things which add value to their lives and then repeat that pattern until they build a substantial amount of wealth. They invest in things which will provide them with additional income streams, they invest in things which will add economic value to their life and most of all, they invest in their own education.

This is why they never worry about whether or not they can afford things, because they're more focused on how much something is going to make for them.

That's how they got wealthy, and that's how they stay that way. On the other hand, they don't overspend and run up excessive debt buying extravagant things. Most of them pay cash for their cars and drive something which is used or economical.

Those people who you see driving around in expensive gas guzzling cars, those people are usually living paycheck to paycheck. Their "wealth" is just a show of extravagant things which are draining money out of their bank account.

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And where's all that money going? It's going to wealthy people. It's going to the people who have money because they love to invest and to make money more than they love to spend it. And that's the difference in how wealthy people spend money and how broke people spend money... And here's what you can do about it...

Stop Trying to Live Like a Rich Person

The first step to getting rich is to stop trying to live like a rich person. Give up all the desires to buy a fancy car and a huge expensive house. Those desires are being exploited by people who love to sell those things.

These people get you to take out loans and mortgages to buy the things that you want. Then you pay them interest and they reinvest that money by loaning it to someone else who's trying to live like a rich person.

If you want to get rich, start focusing on the things which rich people use to get the way that they are: investing money, staying out of debt, having money work for them and most of all... selling and promoting. If this last one made you feel sick, think about this: most people hate to sell, but they love to buy... and most people are broke.

Meanwhile, few people actually love to sell, and only a few people are really wealthy. Is this a coincidence? Don't think so. Think about it, if you're buying and someone else is selling, they're the ones making the money.

These are the super rich you see and wonder if they're just lucky or they know something that everyone else doesn't know. It's not what they know, it's what they do: they love to sell, and they buy in order to add value.

Broke people hate to sell, they hate sales people, the very thought of selling turns their stomach... but they love to buy.

And you just learned one of the most important secrets about becoming wealthy.

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