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How to Attract Money Into Your Life

If you are like most people, more money couldn’t hurt. More money allows us to more of the things we want to do in life like: take trips, buy your children things, live in a nice neighborhood, or whatever is on your wish list.

So how the heck do we do that? How do we attract money into our lives?

The first step is let go of negative beliefs that you have towards money. What? How could you possibly have a negative attitude towards money?

You love money, you want money and yet, you still need to let the negativity go. Let me explain, the negativity comes when you believe rich people have gotten their money through illegal or unethical avenues. And also that you may not feel you are worthy of having money, that you don’t deserve to be wealthy.

There are many people who have come into their wealth by very legal avenues and who are very nice. And if you can say, “I deserve this money,” it will be much easier to attract money.

Next you need to do is change your mindset. You have to stop drawing negative energy to yourself. When you say negative things, you create negative energy, when you say positive things you create positive energy and that my friends, is what you want to be creating!

So instead of saying, “I am broke, I just don’t have enough money,” you need to be saying “I am a money magnet, I attract money easily.” By using a positive “affirmation” you are creating all that positive energy I am talking about.

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Another way to attract money is to simply ask for it. Step into the universe and ask to whomever you believe in, for a little help.

The next way to attract money is to take something you love and turn that into money. It is so much easier to get excited about something we love and if there is a way to make money doing something we love then that just makes life that much better!

One way to push money away is to allow your life to get over-cluttered. So to attract money, de-clutter your life. Make room for the money to flow into. You see if you are feeling over-whelmed or claustrophobic then you are putting out negative energy and remember we said negative energy is bad.

So if you can de-clutter your life that can mean throwing things out or letting relationships go that are not healthy. You will be amazed at how much lighter more positive you feel when you are done, thus creating positive energy.

Use one, two or all of these tips to help you attract money into your life, because they all help you make changes about your beliefs and attitudes towards money, which is how you will begin to feel positively about money.

And as we discussed, the more positive you are towards money the more you will be open to attracting it your way. Money is really just the facilitator to getting what you want in life, so don’t be negative, be positive and attract money into your life.

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