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How to Become a Goal Achieving Machine

They might have been someone who lost 30 pounds and kept it off, or who trained for a marathon, or achieved a weight training goal.

Maybe it was someone who set the sites on starting their own business or making a change to their dream career and who made it. Aghh! Don't you hate how they make it look so easy? 

Well, what if instead of standing in envy you could take your place beside them as a goal achieving machine? Here's exactly what you need to do.

The Four Ingredients of High Achievement

While there are many things which set high achievers apart from the rest of the population, there are four primary ingredients which are always a part of their character:

1) No Excuses Accepted

Most of us are capable of so much more than we allow ourselves to accomplish. Why is this? Because there's ALWAYS an excuse to put something off until tomorrow or to quit when temporary defeat overtakes you. In other words, when the temptation comes to skip a workout, the excuse is that you're tired or that you're too busy or that your body needs sleep more than exercise.

When it's time to sit down and come up with your business plan, there are dozens of reasons not to do it today...but to "start first thing tomorrow." There will always be excuses; the world has no shortage of them. But to become a goal achieving machine, you have to neither make excuses for yourself nor accept them from other people who tell you why it's okay to abandon your commitments.

2) Failure is Just Learning

High achievers aren't afraid of failure, but it's not because they are braver than the rest of's because they view failure as an opportunity to learn and to begin again more intelligently. The American Actor and writer Sylvester Stallone once said that success comes from the ability to effectively manage failure. The legendary inventor and businessman Thomas Edison said that every failed endeavor was another step FORWARD. This is one of the major traits of "lucky" people.

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What a difference this is from the common belief that failure is either a step backwards, or worse...the death of their plans. The key to learning how to effectively manage failure is to stay devoted to your goal, but to keep your plan flexible.

Plans which are too rigid to be measured for effectiveness and adjusted according to what really works are certain to lead to failure...and so is the attitude that success only happens in the complete absence of failure.

3) A Strong Inner Voice

This is probably the most pronounced difference between high achievers and the common person: goal achieving people have an inner voice which is more influential and powerful than ANY other voice on the outside.

Just think about the condition of the majority when it comes to their health, their relationships, their happiness with their career and their financial life...there's a reason why high achievers are only a minority of the population.

That reason is that they don't think the way that everyone else does. They don't freak out at bad news on TV or in the news...they listen and read just enough to know what's going on in the world, but they don't get caught up on global gossip and negativity.

They don't listen to the opinions of others around them as much as they trust their own inner voice.

Just think about how many conflicting opinions are available to you everyday, that's a recipe for confusion if you let them all influence you. Build a stronger inner voice and learn to cultivate the art of selective ignorance. And finally...

4) WRITTEN Plans of Action

Writing has been said (by Dr. Steven Covey and many other personal growth experts) to be the greatest exercise for developing the mind. Writing your goal empowers you to develop an inner voice which supports your goals, a no excuses attitude and a positive attitude towards failure. Written plans also help you to park your goals so that you can effectively measure and restructure your plans for achieving them.

TIP: Now choose your most important goal and write it down, with a timeline and set a plan for achieving it and start cystallizing your dreams. Break that plan into milestones and get started right now. No excuses!

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