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How to Become a Money Magnet

Becoming a money magnet is not complicated at all, in fact it is rather easy if you know what to do and if you know equally well what not to do.

For you see there are always two forces at work in the universe, one consists of positive energy and one consists of negative energy. And every decision you make sends out one or the other.

Your goal is to always, always send out positive energy because what you send out into the universe comes back to you the same way.

So the first step to becoming a money magnet is to appreciate the money you do have. This is for two reasons, the first being that many people have no money and you are not in that position, so be grateful for that. You could be living on the street or have empty cupboards.

The second reason is back to the positive versus the negative, if you whine about the paycheck you do get you are telling the universe you do not appreciate what you do have and that is one of those negative feelings I was telling you about. It is very important to accept the thought that something is always better than nothing.

The next step is to pay attention. And this may sound silly but if you see a penny on the ground, the universe is checking to see if you truly appreciate money. If you pass it up you are telling not only the universe but also your sub consciousness that really you don’t like money.

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Think about it for a minute, what do you think Bill Gates would do if he saw a penny on the ground? I think he would pick it up, not because he is greedy, but because he knows that by picking up that penny he has attracted money to himself. And by picking it up he is telling the universe he would like more of it.

Now that you have taken our thoughts about money and made them strictly positive, and focused on drawing money your way you need to keep your eyes open. At some point the universe is going to send an opportunity your way. And you have to be not only ready for it, but you have to be ready to act once it presents itself.

You also need to realize that being a money magnet does not mean you will be a millionaire tomorrow. You may get the money a little at a time at first, but if you stick with it and as you get better at being open to the money coming your way it will begin to come more often or in bigger quantities.

If you really want to learn how to be a money magnet you need to: understand and appreciate what you do have, pay attention, even a penny is worth it, and finally watch for the opportunity that will surly come your way. If you follow and master all these self help tips you will surely be well on your way to becoming a money magnet.

the law of attraction unleashed

the law of attraction unleashed