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How to Become a Professional Motivational Speaker

Becoming a professional motivation speaker is not necessarily hard, but it does require learning some basic personal development skills, practicing those skills and then putting those skills into action.

Now there are of course exceptions to the rule, some people are just born to speak in front of large groups of people, but even those exceptions put their time in to prepare.

So, if this is truly something you want to do you need to know what you need to do to prepare.

Below are some techniques you will need to learn, practice, and get very comfortable doing in front of large groups of people.

Know your audience

In order for you to be successful you need to win your audience over early on in your presentation. And in order to do that you will want to know your audience. You will approach a group of women differently than you would a group of older people.

Test the equipment

You will be presenting in different places with different kinds of equipment. You will want to check two things: one that the equipment works properly and two that you know how to use it.


Since you will be adjusting your speech depending on the audience you are working with, it is so important to practice your speech. Stumbling through your speech looks bad and very unprofessional.

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Be funny

Using humor can relax the audience and get them into the mood to listen, but be careful not to make that the center of your speech. You want them to hear your message, not remember how funny you were.

Be approachable

If you are looking to get in and get out, then this line of work is not for you. People want to get to know you or ask questions before and after your presentation. Take the time to talk to your audience and get to know them. By taking that time people will be more like to listen to what you have to say and they will be more likely to remember what you said after they leave.

Add your own touch

I think some people get so caught up in doing exactly what they were taught that they forget to put a touch of who they are into what they are doing. What will make you an even better speaker is to make it your own.

Yes you need to learn the basics, but you also need to own it. And the best way to own something is to tailor it to your personality. You know what your strengths are, use them. If you are a great story teller put your presentation in that type of format.

Becoming a professional motivational speaker requires you to learn many things. You have to present yourself the right way, and you need to say the right things to be worthy of being listened to.

It is not a quick and easy process, but with work, determination, time and practice you will become known as a professional motivational speaker. And once you have a good reputation you can create your own program and teach others how to create their own success.

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