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How to Control Your Mind in 5 Steps

Let’s try a little experiment: close your eyes for 90 seconds and count the number of thoughts that fly through your mind. My guess is quite a few.

If you are trying to learn how to control your mind, those random thoughts are more than half your problem.

This self help article will show you how to control your mind in 5 steps.

Quiet your thoughts.

We all have random thoughts that run through our brains. The trick is to learn to be able to control them, to be able to quiet them, so you can focus. If you would, please close your eyes again, but this time when you close your eyes let the thoughts come and then one at a time shut each thought down.

You can do whatever works for you, imagine throwing them back out, make it explode, and poof it is gone, or build pretend walls in your mind to block them out. Do whatever you have to do quiet your thoughts, make them disappear.


Quieting your thoughts is going to take time and practice, and to make it easier try breathing. Take even, deep breaths to regulate your breathing, to slow it down and to use it to help you focus your mind to the present moment.

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Use your senses

Choose a pleasant smell that you can have in the room you are using and pick some calming music. The more of your 5 senses that you can relax the more likely you will be able to focus and clear your mind properly.

Quiet place

You will also need a quiet place to work. You can’t expect to quiet your thoughts on the bus, or in the middle of a live concert. But you can work in a room in your house.

Bring it all together

Finally you need to bring it all together. After finding a quiet spot to relax in, you need to set the mood, by lighting some candles or incense then add in some quite, relaxing music, next you need to slow and steady your breathing, so take some deep steady breaths, and finally you need to quiet your thoughts by closing your eyes and slowly eliminating each thought, one by one until your mind is clear.

After practice and probably lots of it you will start to feel like you have some control over what is going on in your mind and once you feel that change happen, you are now in control of your mind. Now the question is what to do with it.

Once you have cleared away the mess of random thoughts you can choose to focus on a particular thought or affirmation and really give that some serious energy. Make sure however that the energy you are using is positive. And also make sure your affirmation is going to move you towards some goal you are working on.

If you want to control your mind, all you need to do is follow the 5 steps I have outlined in this article and be willing to be open minded and willing to practice.

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