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How to Motivate Yourself Forever

When you are first beginning a new project is it pretty easy to motivate yourself. You are excited about something new and wanting to accomplish something.

However, if it is a long term project, somewhere along the way you will run into either problems, or have a hard time staying motivated for that long. It happens to everyone, so the best defense is a great offense.

Be prepared for the bumps, and/or the lack of motivation ahead of time and you will save yourself a lot of frustration, plus you will then know how to motivate yourself forever.

If you can take whatever it is and turn it into a visual that you can refer to anytime you are wavering on reaching your goal. Draw a picture of it, print a picture, cut it out of a magazine, whatever, but put it somewhere you can see it every day to remind you of what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Another great way to keep you motivated is to create a contract for yourself. Take whatever is it you are working on and build a timeline of when each part should get done. For example, if you want to buy a house, maybe you need to save $300.00 a month for 3 years. Set your timeline up for every 3 months.

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So you can check your status and see have you save the $900.00 you should have? And if you have you need to acknowledge your success! Depending on where you are in your timeline will depend on how big the acknowledgement should be. The closer you get to the end the bigger the reward.

You also want to make sure you surround yourself with loving and supportive people. If the people around you are telling you that there is no way you can save up enough to buy a house or constantly telling you that you don’t work hard enough to get that promotion you are going to have a very hard time staying motivated.

However if you have people around you who love you and want to see you succeed then they are going to encourage you and maybe even push a little if you are having a bad day.

It is also important to know how and where to begin a big, long term project. It is very empowering to have a good understanding of where and how to begin and it will certainly give you a shot of energy you can use to push you forward.

And if all else fails, a last ditch effort can be simply telling yourself to, “Just do it”, again and again. And little by little you will feel yourself coming out of whatever funk you have gotten yourself into. By taking that little bit of motivation and turning it into a little more, you will be up and running again in no time.

Knowing how to motivate yourself is a skill that you can use and will need to use your entire life, so take the time now to learn how to motivate yourself, so you can motivate yourself forever.

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