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How to Motivate Yourself With These Easy Steps

Have you ever set your alarm to wake you up in the morning and then hit the snooze button, again, and again, and again?

I have.

I just had no motivation, and I just didn’t want to get out of bed and get moving. But I learned how to get out of bed, get motivated and I got moving!

So how do you get yourself out of bed and get moving towards your goals? With these easy steps, this is how to motivate yourself!

The first step and one of the most important steps to motivating yourself it to remind yourself that, you are worth it!!! You are worth the time and the effort, because you are a good person.

Another important step to take is to decide if what you are trying to motivate yourself to do is something you really want. There is no point trying to do something if you don’t really want it yourself. If it isn’t something you want, reassess and find something that you do really want to do.

The next step is to think positive! Just telling yourself that you can do this, and you are capable, is a great way to pump yourself up!

Remember your successes! Think about things you have done in the past that you worked hard for and achieved. For example, preparing for a race or studying for a test. You need to remind yourself that when you set out to do something, and when you work hard, you accomplish your goals.

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Another step is to break down your project, or goal into smaller steps. Make a list, in order, of the smaller steps you need to accomplish. And as you complete each one, you should cross it off the list. Doing this will help you stay motivated in difficult times.

You will be amazed at how good you feel every time you get to cross off another step. That feeling will motivate you to want to get the next step done, so you can cross another off the list, until you complete the whole list, completing your project or goal.

Now all these steps on how to motivate yourself are great, but it is important to remember there will be days when you just won’t be able to get motivated. This next step is what I consider to be the most important one, and that is to, try and then try again! You may fail the first time, and you may fail the second time, but if you keep trying, keep motivating yourself, you will get there.

Right now, I want you to make a list of 3 goals or projects you want to accomplish in the next 6 months. Then I want you to take each task and break it down into small steps. Making sure you can accomplish one of those steps in the next few days.

You can do it, you can motivate yourself and accomplish your goals, just follow the steps I have laid out of you and remember you are worth it, and you have already accomplished lots of goals in your life, so you can do this!!

amazing self

amazing self

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