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Steps to Get Into the Flow

Sometimes I am sitting at my computer writing articles and two hours fly by. I certainly didn’t realize it had been that long and I was amazed by how much I had gotten done.

This phenomenon is called finding your flow and is rare for many people to achieve. It is a great “zone” to find because it makes whatever activity you are doing less stressful and increases your productivity creating a win-win situation.

By knowing how to find the zone you can continuously be more productive and less stressed out and that is what this article is all about, showing you the steps to getting into the flow whenever you work and attain success in your goals.

1. Do what you love. By choosing something you love to do you will be more likely to find the flow because you are passionate about it. If you hate your job either find a new job or try to find something with in your job that you like.

2. Pick something rewarding. There is work that we all love, because it is easy and unimportant. Pick something that is challenging and rewarding because you will be more likely to give it your all allowing you to find the flow.

3. Challenging, not impossible. If the task is easy there is no need to find the flow. So your task needs to be challenging, but attainable, otherwise you will be too stressed out about to find your flow.

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4. Peak time for you. Some people are morning people and some are night owls. You need to determine when you are the most energized and the most productive and use that energy to lock into the flow.

5. Clear away the distractions. This means turning off your phone, music (unless it helps you focus), IM and anything else that could possibly distract you. You may even want to consider organizing your desk.

6. Learn to focus. This one requires some practice, but you want to learn to focus on the task for as long as you can. You have to really concentrate to stay on this one and only task. You have to mentally remind yourself to focus. It will get easier to do this as you train your brain to focus.

7. Enjoy. Letting yourself get into the flow feels amazing and you feel so productive. So if you enjoy your work you will have a much easier time getting into the flow.

8. Practice makes perfect. It will take time to pick the right task, clearing distractions, finding your peak time, and finding a quiet place. And sometimes one of those will be out of whack and you will fail, and that is OK. That is the only way you will be able to learn, grow, and change to make it all work together. So, the more you practice the easier it will get and the faster you will find your flow.

9. The rewards. Besides learning how to get into the flow, you will feel so much better about yourself and the work you do. You will be building your self-confidence which will just continue to grow after every task you complete while getting into the flow.

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