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Ways to Successfully Motivate Yourself

When you first begin a project, any kind of project: work, house, body makeover, it is easy to be motivated because it is new and exciting.

You are thinking about the end result and how awesome it will be when the project is complete.

But then it takes longer than you thought it would, or you run into some problems along the way and the next thing you know you have either quit or feel like it is a disaster in the making.

What most people don’t realize is that there are basically three reasons why people lose motivation, lack of: focus, confidence and direction. And if you can address whichever ones are missing you can successfully motivate yourself.

When dealing with lack of focus, the biggest issue is that people want to focus on all the wrong things. They focus on what they don’t have or what they can’t do. When motivating yourself you need to focus on things you have some control over. A great way is to create a goal to go after. You need to focus on something you can take action with; otherwise you are just spinning your wheels, getting nowhere.

Another motivation killer is lack of confidence. This happens when either before you begin a project or while in the middle of one, when you start feeling like you can’t accomplish your goal. You let all the negative thoughts creep into your mind. You start thinking about times when you have failed or when you feel like you can’t do it because you are not good enough.

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So to fix that issue you need to take some paper and start showing yourself all the things you have done, things you have accomplished, especially recently. You also need to focus on what you do have in your life and realize you are lucky and have a lot.

This will help you focus on being grateful for what you have and hopefully show you that you have a lot, have reached a lot of goals in your life, and you can and will certainly do it again.

The last obstacle to overcome so you can successfully motivate yourself is lack of direction. Having goals or focus is great, but if you don’t know how to get there it won’t help you. You need to break down your goal into daily steps.

What can you do every day to work towards your goal? Weekly? Monthly? By giving yourself steps to work on you will begin to accomplish those smaller goals gaining some of that confidence we talked about earlier.

And it also creates what is called “positive momentum” which will help keep you motivated and moving forward towards the next goal. Before you realize it you will have completed all those little goals, thus reaching your bigger goal.

You can’t avoid it, you will at some point hit a wall where you will run into bad luck, some kind of failure, or low energy. Use the three ways covered above to help you regroup, and refocus and get yourself successfully motivated.

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