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How to Imprint a Millionaire Mindset Upon Yourself

Did you know that the first secret to becoming a millionaire in real life is becoming one in your mind. That's right, being a millionaire starts with thinking like one.

Just think about how influential your thoughts are in the way that you behave... and then imagine how influential your behaviors are in whether or not you're rich or broke.

Millionaires live by an entirely different set of rules than we do, a different way of thinking... and that's what makes all the difference. So how can you imprint the winning mindset on yourself?

What is a "Mindset?"

Okay, you've heard about having a millionaire mindset... but what does that mean? Basically put, a mindset is a collection of habitual thoughts and beliefs which lead to a consistent way of thinking that permeates your conscious mind. Your mindset causes you to behave in ways that are consistent with these thoughts and beliefs and to hence get results which are consistent with your mindset.

Now, considering that a mindset is based on habits, this means that you can change your mindset through consistent habits of thought. Here are a few "millionaire" thoughts to begin with:

1. Ideas can be sold for more than products or services
2. Time is more valuable than money
3. Don't work for money, let it work for you
4. Don't ask "How much does it cost?" but ask "How much can I make with it?"
5. A Winner never quits and quitters never win
6. Follow Your passion and the money will follow you
7. Selling and promotion is the key to wealth, and a lot of fun

Of course, there are other thoughts which will help you to develop the millionaire mindset like how wealthy people spend money, but these alone will help you to uncover most of the others and to start seeing results. Now, let's look at how to imprint these thoughts on your mind...

Training the Mind

The mind is a body part just like any other body part, and it can be trained with consistent and persistent exercise. And just like the muscles in your body, it might seem like an uphill and unwinnable battle at first, but in time, training the mind will become a natural habit. Here are a few things to start doing right away:

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o Train your mind by reading the millionaire thoughts everyday

This is just as important as doing physical exercise, and the only way to get results is to actually read them out loud every day, beginning them all with the words: "I know." For example: I know that ideas can be sold for more than products or services... I know that time is more valuable than money/

And so on with the other millionaire thoughts. And be sure to read these out loud and to do it every day, cause this is the only way that your mind can be trained. If you're just thinking: "Okay, I've got it, I don't need to read them..." that's just like SEEING someone run on a treadmill and thinking: "Okay, I've got it, I don't need to do it to actually train my muscles..."

o Train in the Morning

Your mind is most alert and open to influence in the morning. As the day wears on, your mind is bombarded with all kinds of thoughts and ideas that cloud it from receiving new ideas. So the later in the day that you train your mind, the less effective the training will be. For best results, keep your affirmations (above) on your bedside table and read them aloud every morning.

o Value Consistency Over Quantity

Training the mind is just like training the body: a certain amount everyday is better than doing one grueling session and then slacking for a week. It's also more important to do a little bit consistently than to do a lot inconsistently.

So there's no need to kill yourself with an hour of affirmation a day. Commit instead to reading the seven affirmations in this email every day until they become a permanent part of your beliefs and begin to influence your actions.

When this happens, start developing more empowering thoughts based on the way that millionaires think, and repeat until your mind is conditioned for the results that you want.

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