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How to Improve Your Memory

My husband has a photographic memory when it comes to certain things, like directions, or putting something together.

He can drive to a place one time, and 3 years later get there again or see how something is put together and pretty much do it on his own later.

It is rather frustrating for a person, like me, who does not have one of those types of memories. But not all is lost, even if you don’t have a photographic memory you can, with a little practice, I can teach you how to improve your memory.

The first step is stop telling yourself that you have a bad memory. We tend to believe what we hear about ourselves or what we tell ourselves. So, the first step is to change that thought, tell yourself that you have a great memory and follow the next steps to do just that. And remember to celebrate every little achievement along the way.

The second step is to use association to help you practice improving your memory. 358-2728 to most people is just 8 numbers that your brain is not going to remember unless you associate it with something. For example, create a story of some kind that includes all the numbers in the correct order:

My 3 siblings, ate 5 pieces of pizza, and drank 8 glasses of pop/soda, while sitting with 2 friends…..Use something that you know about, people you know or something that you enjoy, making it easier to remember.

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Another step is to chunk information together. In trying to remember numbers you can do that by 2, 3 or 4. For example, take this string of numbers: 3857294637, and turn it into 38, 57, 29, 46, 37 and you are now only remembering 5 numbers instead of 10.

The next one is to repeat, repeat, and repeat again. When trying to memorize things try using repetition learning. This method requires you to repeat the information you are trying to remember every day, several times a day, for several days.

If you are studying for a test try using flash cards with the word or question on the front and the answer or the definition on the backside. Start with a few cards and get those down and add a few more cards each day, working your way up to the number of cards you will need for the test.

Another step is to organize your life. Try to keep things you use on a regular basis in the same place, use a planner to keep track of where you need to be and when, and keep phone numbers and addresses in an address book or on the computer. The goal here is to free up memory space for less routine things.

And the last step I am going to teach you is your breathing. When you need to remember something new, slow you’re breathing down, and take deeper breaths. By calming your body down allowing yourself to be more receptive to the information you are being given.

Using the steps I have outlined for you, how to improve your memory. The first step is the most important, stop telling yourself that you have a bad memory, tell yourself you have a great memory, use the rest of the steps and you will see your memory improve.

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