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How to Make Anyone Like You

How would you like to be able to make anyone like you? And in case you're thinking that you would have to change who you are to make this happen, think again.

Getting a person to like you is a simple process and one thing you can duplicate over and over as long as you know the right steps to take.

Let's talk about exactly how this can be accomplished with this self help article, it's really easy. First...

Why People Like People:

Robert Greene, the author of "48 Laws of Power" said that no matter who we claim to be on the surface, deep down we are all narcissists.

And this statement points to the exact motivation which causes people to determine who they like and they don't like: people like other people who remind them of themselves.

If you doubt this to be true, just think about all the people who you really like. Are they not either just like you or just like the person you would like to be?

And just think about people who you know and how they choose whether or not they like someone - isn't it usually the case that they like people who think and act like they do?

And what about when someone selects a romantic partner - the most important kind of relationship of all? Isn't everyone looking for a twin?

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If you honestly ask yourself the above questions, you'll find that it's true, all of us are narcissists when it comes to deciding who we like and who we don't like.

So how can you use this information to your advantage?

Speed Reading People

So now the first thing to be able to do is speed read someone's personality types so that you can know what kind of communication will be most effective with them. There are four personality types, which are often referred to as the colors: red, yellow, green and blue.

The red and blue personalities are both stronger dominant personalities, the only difference is that reds are more self-contained and not as emotional and as expressive as blues are.

You can identify either one of these personality types by looking for a fast speech pattern. If someone speaks fast, they're either a red personality or a blue.  Then all you have to do is listen for the level of emotion in their voice, reds are less expressive and speak in more of a monotone, while blues are more expressive and embellished in their speech patterns.

On the other hand, yellows and greens both speak at a slower pace, but greens are less emotional and more self-contained than yellows. Yellows are expressive and relational oriented, they are more likely to talk about their feelings.

So if someone speaks slowly with less emotional and a monotone voice they are a green personality, while people with slower speech and more expressive and embellished communication patterns are yellows.

So you can quickly read someone's personality type by listening to whether they speak slow or fast, and whether they speak in a monotone or an embellished style.

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Becoming a Chameleon

Considering the above statements, getting a person to like you should be as simple as being able to read their personality type quickly and adapt your approach accordingly.

Now, of course this also means that you have to have a very strong sense of who you really are inside. If not, people with stronger personalities could end up causing you to feel inferior or like a fake while you're around them.

But as long as you have a strong sense of confidence and identity, being able to speed read people and match their personality will empower you to make anyone like you instantly.

It's all a matter of knowing how each of the four personalities communicate:

Reds are direct communicators and prefer bottom line discussions. They are more reserved with their feelings and are most likely to appreciate any challenging and sarcastic sense of humor.

Blues are also direct communicators, but they love stories and are more likely to appreciate conversation which is fun and exciting. They are also more likely to be open with their feelings and to appreciate a slapstick style of humor.

Greens are self-contained just as reds are, but are more likely to engage in clever or intellectual conversations. They pride themselves on being right and appreciate people who have a clever sense of humor and who are more private and self-contained with their feelings.

Finally, yellows are slower and more indirect communicators who are more likely to be open with their feelings and appreciate a lighthearted sense of humor. Yellows enjoy sharing and are usually very easy going and less likely to invite confrontation.

TIP: Keep a copy of this email and study this information until it is second nature. Practice listening to people's speech patterns and matching according to their personality type.

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