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How to Make Money Online

Have you heard all the talk about how thousands of people are making a living, or even a fortune working out of their spare bedroom? Sure, about 15 years ago, this might have been next to impossible.

But the internet has completely changed the way that business is done and today you can learn how to make money online and work right out of your house.

But you're probably aware of the fact that there are TONS of people offering to show you how to make money online, who are simply looking to have you promote their product. The following are three easy ways that you can make money online starting this week...

Making Money on Ebay

Millions and millions of people are buying things on Ebay, and creating an account is very easy. All you need then is the skills to create compelling ads for your products and some persistence.

A great way to get started is to start looking at what people are already buying on Ebay, find a good selling product that you know a little about and start purchasing based on what you already know people will buy.

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You can also buy products on Ebay in one country (such as Australia or the UK) and sell them on the US Ebay market. This method (known as Ebay trading) can empower you to make money online without even having to create a website.

The other option is to create your own signature product (a lot more work but potentially much more profitable), based on what you see people already buying. For example, you could create a clothing brand and outsource the manufacturing of the actual clothes, put your brand on it and sell it as a signature item.

There are hundreds of other ways that you can come up with a product to sell, and the more imaginative and persistent you are, the more likely you'll be to succeed. You can even get started by selecting some things around the house which you've been meaning to get rid of anyway, and using those sales to build up your Ebay reputation and experience.

Becoming a Freelancer

Do you have skills as an administrative assistant, a web designer, a programmer, a copywriter, or in video/music production? If so, there are dozens of freelancing sites where you can set up an account and bid on jobs that companies are posting every hour to find great freelancers.

Of course, this does require that you have good time management skills and that you're self-motivated. But if you're looking for the perfect way to ditch your boss and work when you want to and to earn based on how hard you're willing to work, freelancing is perfect.

The great thing about making money online as a freelancer is that you can work from any place that you can bring your laptop computer. Just imagine being able to sit at home in your pajamas and make money without having to commute, to set an alarm clock or to be nagged by a pushy boss.

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The best way to start with this is to find a few good sites, get your digital portfolio together and start marketing yourself.

Affiliate Marketing

Want to make money online without having to manage customers, or even speak to them? If so, affiliate marketing is the way to go. There are hundreds of companies on the internet who offer great commissions to people who are willing to promote their products online.

Affiliate marketing gives you the greatest opportunity to manage your time as you like and to earn potentially hundreds of dollars a day...

even while you're not working. Affiliate marketers usually create their own review websites or post articles that lead back to sales offers created by OTHER companies.

If a customer visits the page and makes a purchase, the commission goes to the affiliate and the company who sold the product takes care of things from there. Of course, the most money in affiliate marketing is available to the affiliates who build their own customer mailing list and can therefore make additional offers to that list for years to come. This is one of the best internet marketing strategies that most people don't use.

So what are you waiting for? Pick one of these methods and get started making money online right away.

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