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How to Put a Stop to Food Cravings

Don't you hate it when you commit yourself to losing weight only to find that you're being haunted by food cravings?

Is there anything that you can do to put an end to these food cravings and finally start getting your body into better shape?

There is, and you'll probably be astounded at just how easy it is to get control of your food cravings and stop emotional eating...

A Vicious Cycle

First, did you know that food cravings are actually caused by your hormones? That's right, and before you start saying that there is nothing you can do about the condition of your hormones think about it again. There are two hormones which play a key role in food cravings:

Leptin and Cortisol.

Contrary to common understanding, the way that these hormones operate in your body (for better or worse) is determined by the way you eat and by the level of stress in your life.

For example, Leptin controls the way that your body burns and stores fat, and it also controls levels of either hunger or satiation in your brain. So it's this one which communicates to your mind whether or not you are hungry or to stop eating.

 The problem is that stress and anxiety cause your Leptin level to drop which makes it difficult for you to tell when you're hungry and when you're full.

But the real problem is that excessive body fat causes an overproduction of Leptin which causes your brain to build up a resistance to Leptin. And what happens then? You guessed it!

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Your body is no longer able to tell when it's time to stop eating. To add to this, the more starches and sugars (simple carbs) that you eat, the more out of whack these hormones get and the more mixed up your body gets about when it's hungry and when it's not.

This is how your emotional desires become the determining factor as to whether or not to eat... after all, it's hard for your body to know if your horomones are out of whack.

So is there anything that you can do about this?

Controlling Your Hormone Levels

There are many things in your environment that can cause your hormones to go out of whack, but the most common causes are as follows:

1. Excessive stress

2. Excessive sugar consumption

3. Eating too many processed foods

So if you can find a way to cut excessive stress out of your life, cut back on sugar consumption and start eating more natural and organic foods, you can actually get your hormones working for you in your fight against food cravings.

The most common of these is sugar consumption, since so much of our food contains excessive sugar for the sake of making it sweet.

Now, you might be thinking: "Okay, you're telling me that to stop eating sugar is a way of getting control of sugar consumption...duh!" But think about this: now that you're aware of where these cravings actually come from, how much easier will it be for you to make these adjustments?

In the case of food cravings, the faster you start limiting stress, eating more naturally and cutting excessive sugar consumption out of your diet, the easier things are going to get for you to lose weight fast.

So hang in there, take these simple steps and in time, your food cravings will start to vanish.

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