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How to Raise Your Self-Esteem

Did you know that having high self-esteem makes all the other things in your life much easier? Just think about the skills, opportunities and talents that you have.

How much more useful are they to you if you have the confidence to actually use them? So as you might guess, the ability to raise your self-esteem will open all kinds of new doors to you in your life.

Let's look at how this is done:

Three Enemies of High Self-Esteem

Most of raising self-esteem is getting rid of the things which are keeping you from having higher self-esteem. So before we get into the strategies for building greater self-esteem, let's look at the things which block you from having high self-esteem...

Approval Addiction

Allowing other people's opinions or perceptions to shape your self-image is death to your self-esteem. Just think about it, there's always going to be someone somewhere who has an opinion about you.

Other people's opinions are based on their beliefs and perceptions and frankly, they're none of your business anyway. If you feel that the approval or disapproval of others is having too much impact on how you feel about yourself, then it's time to stop giving so much weight to them.

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Expecting Perfection

No one is good at being perfect...everyone sucks at it. This is because perfection is never achievable. Once you reach what you once believed to be a level of perfection, you'll always see more possibilities...and that's okay. But constantly demanding perfection in order to feel that you're worthwhile is a confidence crusher.

Your Moods

Even the most confident people sometimes get into emotional states where they don't "feel" confident. But those who have learned to develop a sense of self-esteem that is detached from their feelings are still able to maintain their sense of self-worth, even when their feelings don't support it. There will be times when you're fatigued or discouraged or frustrated, which is completely normal. But you must never allow these emotions to determine your view of yourself.

Building Strong Self-Esteem

Okay, now that we have the obstacles out of the way, let's look at three ways to build powerful self-esteem:

Empowering Self-Talk

Few things will affect your self-esteem more than the way that you talk to yourself. Think about it, your voice is the one that you hear (in your head) all the time and so you're always going to be powerfully influenced by it. If you want to build great self-esteem, start paying attention to your self-talk and talk to yourself in ways that will build self-esteem and self-respect.


TIP: Make a list of positive affirmations like: "I am assertive, trustworthy and self-reliant." This will help you to develop a new and empowering dialogue to guide your thoughts.

Focus on Your Strengths

Instead of focusing on correcting your weaknesses, work on building your strengths. Your weaknesses might get mediocre at best, but you'll always have some areas of're human.

Focus instead on your strengths and your weaknesses will become less and less prevalent in your mind. This will also help you to become more comfortable with yourself just as you are.

Active Involvement

Self-esteem is best demonstrated in actions, so come up with a list of actions and goals which will help you to feel more confident and get to work on them. Write them down and create a plan of action for achieving them.

This could be a physical goal such as working out, or a career goal... anything that will help you to develop outward manifestations of high self-esteem. These behaviors will influence your beliefs about yourself and raise your self-esteem.

Go ahead and set your first goal right now, and get to work!

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