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How to Shine at a Party

Have you ever dreamed of being the life of the party? As you are reading this, you might even have a get-together which is coming up and be wondering how you can shine like a diamond in the rough.

If so, it's a good thing that you read this e-mail before the big night. Let's talk about what you can do to create a night that people will remember...

First, Make a Big Entrance

Shining at a party is all about the way that you make your arrival and first impression. In fact, it's better if you even overdo it at first and cool your game down a bit as the night goes on.

Think about it, it's much easier to hit the ground running with full steam and enthusiasm and to tone things down than to come in all low key and to try to ramp things up from there.

So how can you make a big entrance? First, take care about what you're actually wearing before you go to the party. Choose clothing which is matching to your personality and which is "modestly impressive."

It's also a good idea to wear at least one piece of interesting clothing or jewelry to get people's attention.

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Second, come in with a few friends - two or three. If you can, make at least two of them members of the opposite sex. This will raise your perceived social body the moment that you walk in the door, make you more confident, and it will give you more courage than if you were to walk by yourself.

Finally, make some immediate greetings and introductions. Find the people who you already know, and give them an enthusiastic welcome. If you don't know anyone, find a few people who seem to be key players and introduce yourself to them.

Then, turn around and immediately introduce your friends who were with you. This will give people the immediate impression that you are a "connector" and that you're comfortable approaching new people.

Second: Have a Great Story to Tell

Nothing draws a crowd like a great story which is told with enthusiasm. So once you've made a few introductions, have an interesting, exciting and funny story that you can tell to a few key people.

The best way to make this work is to tell your friends who are coming in with you that you "have a really cool story to tell." But DON'T TELL THEM!

Instead, let them know that you're going to save it until you get to the party so that more people can hear it. This will build up curiosity and excitement with your friends and give you a small audience, which will attract a bigger one.


Third: Learn to Dance

This is so important when it comes to being the life of the party. In fact, you probably noticed that at every party you went to there were two types of people: those who were dancing and those who weren't.

Those who weren't are usually the people who fade into the woodwork while everyone else stands out as a good time. So don't be afraid to get out and shake it a little. But for best results, learn to dance and have a few simple moves that you can teach other people.

The ability to dance well is so rare that learning just a few simple moves will make you stand out in the crowd.

Finally: Set the Stage for Another Great Night

What's the point in shining at a party just one time in your life? If you get the reputation for becoming the life of the party, start making contacts that night and plan for another get together with yourself and a few key people.

Use the momentum which you created from your first night to help expand your social circle and create an amazing social life for yourself.

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