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How to Stop Emotional Eating

Are you trying to lose weight and constantly being assaulted by cravings and desires to eat for comfort or excitement?

Losing weight can be a difficult goal, and one which requires you to gain control of more than just your body.

So let's look at some of the simplest ways to gain control over emotional eating so that you can achieve your goal weight fast...

Recognize the Difference Between Hunger and Cravings

The first step to making any kind of change is having clarity about these. Are you able to determine when you're actually hungry and when you're experiencing an emotional craving? If not, or if you're not completely clear on how to do this...

...the best way to gain control is by asking yourself: "Am I actually hungry right now or simply craving?"

Start keeping track of how many times during a day you experience cravings, and if the cravings persist, here are some things to start addressing...

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Your Diet Makes a Difference

Did you know that eating foods which have excessive sugar and preservatives can actually cause your mind to crave food when it's not hungry? These kinds of cravings can also be caused by excessive stress which causes imbalances in your hormone levels and endocrine system.

So start reading your food labels and paying attention to how much sugar and preservatives you are actually consuming in a day.

This will help to raise your awareness as to what is defined as cravings and give you the courage to come up with a plan for cutting sugars and preservatives out of your diet.

Stress is the Culprit

The hormone imbalances which cause food cravings are largely caused by an excessive amount of stress and anxiety. This stress can be easily removed from your life by spending 15 to 20 minutes a day in focused meditation.

Why is meditation so effective in helping you to fight stress and overcome emotional eating? Because it gives you the chance to clear your mind of all the worrisome thoughts that accumulate in your mind throughout the day.

As worrisome, uncontrolled or unresolved thoughts accumulate in your consciousness, they begin to create lack of focus, confusion and eventually worry. This worry crystallizes into fear and indecision which causes stress and anxiety.

The more emotional energy which you spend fighting off stress and anxiety, the less energy you have to control and focus your mind towards thinking about the right things, which is the most important step in overcoming emotional eating...

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Redirect Your Thoughts

In psychology and hypnosis, "The law of reverse effect" states that the ideas and images in your imagination will always have the strongest influence on your behaviors.

This means that if you're trying NOT to give in and eat a bag of chips, that bag of chips is the thing which your imagination is focused on...even if you're imagining the fact that you "shouldn't" eat them, the law of reverse effect is going to work against you.

But if you've committed yourself to learning how to control your thoughts through guided meditation, you can easily direct your imagination towards what you should eat or what you should do instead of getting into your craving.

This is of crucial importance: you always want to make that instead of eating what you shouldn't eat, that you focus on a productive behavior which will help you to meet the same emotional need. As you do this, the law of reverse effect will work in your favor.

TIP: The next time you get an emotional craving, ask yourself what emotional needs were trying to meet and find a new and empowering way to meet it that you can focus your imagination on.

This will empower you towards behaviors which will help you achieve your ideal weight and set you up for success.

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