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How to Structure Your Life With Universal Laws

As you can see, there are universal laws and they were created for our good. To go in harmony with them will bring you peace and prosperity. But to go in opposition to them will bring you only despair and hatred.

Another factor you need to think about regarding the universal laws is that for everything to function properly there has to be structure.

Without structure, our world or universe in fact, would be in utter chaos.

If you study the laws and understand them, then cooperate with those laws, you will not only find yourself living in harmony with those laws, but your lives will be in tuned to the universe in such a way that you would have fulfilling, abundant lives filled with joy, peace, happiness, and good health.

If you examine successful people, you will find these traits of "lucky people". They understand the universal laws and apply them daily. They may not acknowledge that to you, but they do follow the laws. They do so in an intuitive way. But people who are not successful, those who struggle in life, are those who do not understand or embrace the universal laws.

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They may not understand what the universal laws are about because of the limiting beliefs they hold. As you grow to maturity, you are constantly taught beliefs by your parents, teachers, and even by your peers. These beliefs just placed in your conscious mind and eventually enter your subconscious where they are processed and acted upon.

Once they are processed, they are stored in your memory banks for later retrieval. The only problem with non-successful people is that they don’t understand these universal laws so they don’t apply them in their lives. This is why their lives are full of anger, fear, and resentments, instead of joy, peace, and contentment.

There is one truth that all people share to some degree or another. That is, there is a higher power and this higher power controls the universe and what we get out of it. The premise is that whatever happens does so for a reason. And our higher power is what guides these events and allows them to happen.

Those people who know this, but wish to direct their own lives, follow the reasons and what results there from. They don’t worry about what people do around them or blame others for their own mistakes or for being victimized.

They know this can be a distraction and reframe from doing so. Instead, they take the time necessary to identify the cause, which allows them to see how they developed their present situation. It is at this time they can determine whether what they experience is desirable or not.

If what they manifested was desirable, they would acknowledge it and repeat the process. This is a form of the Law of Cause and Effect. 

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the secret of deliberate creation