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How to Take Control of Your Life

I am a Mom, I work a couple part time jobs, I have to take my children to their numerous activities, then pick them up from said activities.

I also have to wash dishes, do laundry, go to meetings, help with homework, read stories, make dinner, pack lunches for the next day, then go to bed, knowing I get to get up to do it all again tomorrow.

I know what out of control feels like, so if you want to learn how to take control of your life read on, because that is exactly what I did, using the following self help tips:


Sit down and create a list of 10 things that are the most important to you. Now that you have done that close your eyes and go through your typical day. How do you spend your time? Are you spending time on the things that you put on your top 10 list? If not, what can you do to fix that?


Figure out what you are doing with your time. For the next two weeks write it all down on a calendar or input it into your phone every time you complete an activity. Then at the end of those two weeks analyze what you are doing with your time and see if there are any areas you can streamline. Since you are working fulltime can you hire a cleaning service, eliminating the 3 hours of chores you have every week?

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Be Realistic

Now that you have seen what you have been doing, are your children in three different activities, each? If they are then it is time to decide, they either need to do less or you need to find a way to carpool, you agree to pick up if the other parent drops off, creating more time for you.


How many hours a week do you work? Are you at work after hours, or before everyone else? Perhaps you can see about doing some of your work from home. Or see if it is possible to hire an assistant. Consider starting your own business, than you can set your own schedule.


I find that when my house is in chaos I am more stressed and feel more out of control. So, as hard as it may be to do, de-clutter as much as you can. Clean off the dining room table and only use it for dinner, put all the toys in your children’s bedrooms or in the toy room.

Use your desk for a desk and not for laundry. And get rid of anything you haven’t used in over a year or do not need anymore. This will allow you to find things more easily, feel less stressed and give you more time to enjoy your life.

If you want to learn how to take control of your life, first prioritize the things that are important to you, analyze how you are spending your time, be realistic about how much time there actually is in one day, try to streamline when and where you can, and de-stress your life, by organizing and de-cluttering as much as you can.



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